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Abuja is gradually becoming the hub of restaurants. Every week at least two new restaurants pop up in this city of ours. This post will be sharing Abuja restaurants and their prices in no particular order.

While a lot of people want to check out these new spaces, they’re not sure of what budget they should have -and that is the reason for this post. 

Most of these Abuja restaurants have their prices on an average range while some are quite expensive. 

In no particular order, here’s a list of 10 Abuja restaurants and their prices: 

Kapadoccia -The Cave Restaurant 

Kapadoccia is the only cave restaurant in Abuja, the inspiration was gotten from Cappadocia in Turkey. It gives the illusion of dining in a cave and they’re quite adventurous with their menu. Do well to try the Turkish tea there!

Menu prices – N4,000 to N32,000. 

Santorini Restaurant Abuja 

Santorini restaurant Abuja is a new spot in the capital. They have an all-white background with some flowers hanging around, but did they get the Santorini illusion? Oh well, you’ll have to visit to find out. 

Menu prices – N1,200 to N21,000


Taj Bistro 

Recently, Taj bistro had a facelift and a comeback in the capital, but it’s not a new new restaurant in the city. Taj is anything but a bistro honestly. But they do have mouth-watering dishes and it’s a beautiful space. 

Menu prices – N1,500 to N75,000 (VAT and service charge not inclusive). 

Abuja restaurants and their prices

Vibe by Ann’s 

The Vibe by Ann’s is a new spot, a sister restaurant to Ann’s Abuja. Vibe by Ann’s has the rotating bar as their catchy spot. 

Menu prices – N3,000 to N25,000

Amazonia Abuja Restaurant And Their Prices

Amazonia restaurant is a new restaurant in the capital, it’s also known as the rainforest restaurant because it gives the illusion of dining in a rainforest, with birds, and monkeys, etc.  Their menu is similar to that of Kapadoccia. 

Menu prices – N5,500 to N35,000

The Six By Lovitoz

The six by Lovitoz is an Abuja restaurant that offers a luxury dining experience. They sit only a maximum of 20 persons. Their menu is unlike any other restaurant in Abuja as it comes in packages of 2, 6, 10, and 20 guests. Each package covers starters, entrees, and appetizers. 

Menu prices – N34,000 to N420,000

The Ivory Room

The ivory room is one of the newest restaurants that popped up in Abuja, they claim to be building a healthy community by connecting people to real food and exquisite taste in lounging. 

Menu prices – N1,960 to N10,800

Uncle T’s

Uncle T’s joined the batch of restaurants that opened up in the capital in August. They have such an interesting menu and vibe. 

Menu prices – N3,000 to N160,000

Tar Tar Abuja Restaurant And Their Prices

Tar Tar restaurant Abuja isn’t so new a spot, it’s one of those restaurants that pay attention to dress codes -they even have a highlight on their IG bio with specifications. 

The selling point at Tar Tar is their cocktails and platters. 

Menu prices – N1,800 to N76,000

4 Guys Restaurant Abuja 

4 Guys restaurant is an Asian restaurant in Abuja. They serve cuisines from Japanese, Chinese, Italian. If you love your sushi, you’ll love this restaurant. 

Menu prices – N3,000 to N45,000

This list doesn’t cover all the new restaurants in Abuja, I’m sure a new spot is dropping as I make this post lol. 

Anyways, I hope this list of 10 restaurants in Abuja and their prices helps you in making a decision when next you want to go to a restaurant in Abuja. Did I miss out on any? Please let me know in the comment section and I’ll cover it. 



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