The weekend is the only time most people get to unwind and have a good time, unfortunately, the average person is on a budget and the weekend has turned into moments they dread or just sit on their couches drinking beer! 

However, there are plenty of fun things to indulge in, and in this post, I’d be sharing 10 affordable fun things you can do this weekend. While they are affordable, they are fun too so give them a go!

Go for a run:

This is free and it’s great exercise too, especially if you spent the best part of your week on your butt. 

Go swimming:

The weather has been crazy hot especially in Abuja, so throw on some bikini or shorts and dive in the pool or beach or your bathtub! 


For one who is a terrible dancer, I don’t know why this made the list! Nevertheless, turn on your favorite playlist and dance away your worries. 

Netflix and Chill:

You don’t have to chill, scratch that! Netflix and Netflix guys. So many shows are currently on Netflix so pick one that suits you. If you’re confused on what to watch, I have a post on “Netflix series recommendations to binge-watch this weekend” and “5 Netflix movies worth the binge” I’m certain you’ll find something to watch. 

Binge-watch YouTube videos:

Yup! If you don’t find something interesting to watch on Netflix, you’d find something catchy on YouTube. While you’re doing that, I have a YouTube channel please check it out here

Tidy your space:

Okay, lazy, get off your butt I’m sure you’ve watched enough TV shows today. Tidy your space and get ready for the next week. 


Regardless of your interest, there are so many ways you can give back to your community. Also, you just might learn a new skill. 

Try a new recipe:

Try making a dish you already know using a different recipe. If all fails, bake a banana bread -everyone has baked one… except me of course. 

Host a potluck:

Host a dinner party without footing the bill, consider hosting a potluck with your friends bringing a little something or more for the meal. Everyone will be involved, so this should be fun. 



Yep, you read that right… sleep. This is the most affordable thing you can do this weekend. Also, you get to recharge your body and get ready for the new week. 

Now you have a weekend packed with activities, make the best of it all! 

What else will you be doing this weekend that is not on my 10 affordable fun things you can do this weekend list? Please share in the comment section!



Uchechi Chidi-Amadi also known as Ucheyy is a digital creator, social media manager, and SEO expert with a degree in Civil Engineering. She's been blogging since 2015, and with the knowledge, she has gotten over the years from both courses and personal experience, she is on a journey to showing creatives how to excel in the industry. A restaurant hopper and a full-time strawberry daiquiri lover, Ucheyy makes work seem fun.

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