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For someone who has spent most of her adult life working to better herself, I can relate and always open to reading on life improvement tips. People who knew me from my childhood days might say some negative things that people who know me presently will disagree on. That’s the growth I tell you. I gradually started working on improving a lot of things in my life, that was the goal I set for this year and though I didn’t start at the beginning of the year I am glad I started. 

Though most people will never let themselves see the new and improved you, that shouldn’t be a reason for you to doubt your growth or make you stop working on improving your life. It’s their loss if they can’t appreciate your life improvements.

In no particular order, let’s dive into the 10 life improvement tips that will change your life!

Set Goals For Your Self:

Start with setting little goals and achieving them. It could be something as simple as waking up early or completing an important task in due time. There’s always that feeling of accomplishment when we achieve any goal.

Learn A New Language:

I am currently learning Russian and it’s challenging and interesting at the same time. Learning a new language is a great skill and it’s a mind-opening experience learning about a new culture and their language.

Take Up A Course:

It doesn’t have to be something extreme. Courses are a great way to learn something different and gain new knowledge. Could be a course on photography, management courses or even cooking. I’m currently taking two courses with Shaw Academy and I’m excited about all the new things I’ve been learning.

Overcome Your Fears:

Our fears cripple us without us knowing. The moment you understand your fears reflect areas where you can grow, you can address it. Fear of uncertainty, not being good enough, fear of failing, etc are all crippling.

Wake Up Early:

I’m still struggling with this part of my life, unfortunately. Waking up early helps you improve your daily productivity and quality of life.

Leave Your Comfort Zone:

Being too comfortable makes us stagnant; doesn’t give us room to grow. Change your routine now and again, do something different.

Don’t get too comfortable with your current life position that you’re not open to changes.

Get Into Action:

What have you been planning to do? How do you take action?

The best way to improve your life is to take action. We are all planners, just a few of us are doers.

Quit A Bad Habit:

What’s your bad habit? Oversleeping? Smoking? Excessive consumption of alcohol? Overthinking? Abuse of drugs? Procrastinating? Being late?

I oversleep a lot, I tell people I’m not a morning person so they don’t fix morning appointments with me. I’m currently working on that, downloaded a sleep app on App Store so I’m excited to see how it goes.

Avoid Negative People:

Negative people are everywhere in our lives. Spot them, avoid them. Don’t spend too much of your time with people who pull your down.

Know When To Walk Away:

You know when you’ve worked so hard on being a better version of yourself yet most people keep referring to your past or how you were? This makes you doubt yourself most times; you shouldn’t give anyone that power over you. If you’ve tried talking to them and they keep putting you down then maybe it’s time to cut them off and walk away.

If you are not taking any positive action to change your life now, there’s a high chance you’ll be living the same routine for the rest of your time.

Life may be uncertain for you now but you’re capable to take back control of your life. It’s your life and you can change it for the best.

Are you currently struggling with a life choice/decision? What action are you taking towards a better life? Share in the comment section.



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