Happy new year my darlings. How was your Christmas holiday? And how has the new year been so far? Interesting I hope!
I was supposed to drop this post at exactly 5pm on the 1st day of this year, but unfortunately I had a crappy network and a low battery too and unfortunately my phone fell in water (I work mostly on/with my phone) . So I’m terribly sorry for the late post.

So two days ago was new year and as happy and excited as everyone was for making it to 2019, how many of us really reflected on the past year, and how many of us made plans for the new year? Or are we in the category of people that just go with the flow?

I lay on my bed for over an hour reflecting on all I did last year, my achievements, my failures, my gains, my loss, my mistakes, my good decisions, and the list goes on. But what really held my thoughts for a while was my finance and business. Most of you know I run a footwear business, and in my reflections in the early hours of yesterday I realized I’ve actually been doing it all wrong. I mean marketing.
It’s not as easy as it looks I promise. But I’ve not been giving it my full attention and that’s in my goal for 2019 to do better. I was my “brokest” financially last year. I made so much money bad decisions and I don’t plan on making same mistakes this year. Let’s say I got wiser along the way.

Friends || I met amazing people last year. People who had my back unapologetically and it’s been a while I had such connection in my life. I have so much to say on this topic, but let’s leave it for another time.

Lessons || I’ve learned a lot in the past year, and I’m grateful for everything that came my way. For example, I now know how to communicate properly with people and express my feelings exactly how I feel it. My loss and my gains really shaped me up last year and I’m truly grateful for last year.

Goals || my main goal for this year is to do better than I did last year. Network more, market well, grow my career and meet more amazing people!

I believe this year is going to be amazing! Let’s communicate guys, what lessons did you learn last year? And what plans/goals do you guys want to achieve this year?