I turned 25 yesterday and since it’s still my birthday week this post is so early! I’ve dreamed of being 25 since I was 17 and I have no idea why, but I believe this year is going to be fun filled with loads of adventures! So in that light, I’d be sharing 25 fun facts about me. And if you know at least 10 to 15 then you’re a real OG!

So here it goes…..
  1. I’m a crazy romantic. 
  2. I love butterflies. 
  3. I’m obsessed with flavored tea. 
  4. I love soups. 
  5. I’m a civil engineer. 
  6. My fashion style is modern retro. 
  7. I don’t sleep till 4am. 
  8. I binge watch series (1 season per night). 
  9. I’m a compulsive reader. 
  10. I’m slightly a perfectionist. 
  11. I love challenging myself. 
  12. I’m a tough love kinda girl yet sweet too. 
  13. I don’t like rice and stew. 
  14. I LOVE pasta. 
  15. I hate sweating. 
  16. I love sad movies. 
  17. I cry when I’m happy. 
  18. I’m a daddy’s girl (PROUDLY). 
  19. I love to cook and feed people. 
  20. I love fine dining. 
  21. I dislike clubbing. 
  22. I get a mini panic attack when I get behind the wheels (I almost got myself and my sister killed once, so yeah). 
  23. I’m very private yet public (figures). 
  24. I love love. 
  25. I have 8 siblings!

So yeahhhh! How well do you know me? And what’s an interesting fun fact about you? Let’s interact in the comment section. 


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