Planning a date with a significant other or new love interest can be somewhat of a chore. A lot of people run out of ideas or have none to start with. Dates don’t have to be stressful and you don’t have to go out of budget to make your significant other happy, and that’s why I’ve compiled 30 affordable date ideas for you to choose from. 

The affordable date ideas in this post are creative, romantic, and of course adventurous!

Sharing moments of quality time doing what you both love with your significant other tends to strengthen the bond in a relationship. 

While date nights are good for new couples, it is also essential for those in long-term relationships and married couples too. 

30 affordable date ideas

Enjoy this list of 30 affordable date ideas!

  •  Go on a hike
  • Go bowling
  • Host a potluck dinner with friends
  • Play video games
  • Play board games 
  • Paint together
  • Watch a classic romantic movie 
  • Create a romantic playlist and slow dance together 
  • Go kayaking 
  • Chat at a coffee shop 
  • Have brunch together


  • Take a walk in a nice area/park
  • Have a picnic in the park 
  • Go to an art gallery 
  • Visit a museum 
  • Do some karaoke 
  • Go to the movies
  • Have a destination-less car ride playing each other’s favorite songs
  • Have a movie marathon 
  • Watch your favorite shows on Netflix 
  • Stay up all night talking
  • Pretend to be tourists in your town
  • Order takeouts and have a car date
  • Have a backyard picnic
  • Play chef and make each other something special 
  • Go for a swim
  • Watch the sunset
  • Watch the sunrise 
  • Go to a drive-in movie
  • Window shop together

Hopefully, this list of 30 affordable date ideas helps you plan your next date stress-free! 

I love picnic dates and random car rides playing our favorite songs! What’s your ideal kind of date? Tell me in the comment section. 



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