30 BEFORE 30

Hey guys!  How are y’all doing?
Has anyone gotten to a stage in their lives where they feel they’re just existing but not living? For over 2 months now I’ve had that feeling and it doesn’t seem to be going away so I decided to document 30 things I’d do before I turn 30! By the way, I still have a long time to get to 30 since I just turned 22 this year…  But in all, I plan on living life to its fullest and to stop only existing!

My 30 before 30  list in no particular order… 

1. Travel to 5 African countries ( South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Benin Republic and Togo).  
2. Move to my own apartment (I won’t be able to do most of the things on my list if I’m still living with my parents, curfew is by 7pm in my house no matter your age! Nigerian parents Huh?!) 
3. Get another piercing on my ear : I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now, can’t wait to check it off this list! 
4. Learn a new language : I don’t have any language in mind, I just feel I’d be better speaking at least 3 to 4 different languages. 
5. Go hiking! I can’t believe I spent half of 2016 in Abuja and I never went hiking. I should go back soon and get this off the list too. 
6. Get a car : I can’t  afford one at the moment but well I still have some time to save up for it! Plus I hate public transport and I can’t spend all my money on uber. 
7. Go on a trip to Germany /Paris : I’ve been obsessing over this two countries, and I can’t wait to be able to afford a trip to one or both of them ❤
8. Get my masters degree : since I’m done with my bachelor’s degree, the next in line is bagging my masters degree. I planned on doing that immediately after college, but I decided to take a while off going to school and learning other life lessons. 
9. Take my footwear brand to the next level : I own a denim footwear brand (@ufashionsfootwears on IG (please check it out) and I can’t wait to take it to a higher level). 
10. Go on a cleanse (I always attempt this then fail, I need to get it over with already)! 
11. Get a puppy or two! Or maybe 10!
12. Go to New York! (I really hope to do this one soon) 
13. Start working out at least 5 times a week ( I hate sweating).
14. Stay away from negative vibes.. 
15. Stop procrastinating! (for reals girl get your shit together!) 
16. Attend at least one bloggers brunch (I always plan to attend but for some reason I never do ) 
17. Go to Lagos (I’ve spent my life in Nigeria, I’ve travelled to at least 15 states but I’ve never been to Lagos! Unbelievable!) 
18. Go on road trips! 
19. Learn to bake (well I can make pancakes, chin chin, buns, and that’s all lol). 
20. Attend a fashion show (must do ASAP) 
21. Build a stronger religious life!  (I go to church and all, but I need my spiritual life to be on a higher level ASAP). 
22. Eat Amala (now I really need to go to Lagos for this or any Yoruba state!) 
23. Go on a shopping spree (girl is on a budget can’t try this at the moment ). 
24. Grow my blog (have loyal readers, make this blog feel like home (can you guys help me accomplish that? Yes?) 
25. Do something spontaneous for once!
26. Become a celebrity (oh yes you read right! I didn’t come here just to exist ).
27. Get my COREN certificate (that is become a registered engineer (your girl is a civil engineer yo!) and work with bigger firms or have my own company). 
28. Go on a girls only trip (don’t I need girlfriends for this? My best friend has so many personalities though and I have a lot of sisters too!) 
29. Be happy  and give to charity at least once a year.
30. Get married to the love of my life / have 2 or 3 kids (haha before my village people starting hosting meetings on my behalf ). 
Wow! Making this list really made me realize I should start living more, because we only get one chance at life and how we spend it really matters. 
How exciting is your life and what do you do for fun? I’d love to know! Let’s communicate in the comments section .


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