5 Best Summer Destinations In Europe You Should Visit In 2022

Summer in Europe! Nothing is better! … well, except raspberry tea perhaps.

Filled with islands, gorgeous eateries, cafés, stunning beaches, and picturesque ice cream shops, Europe is the best summer destination to visit!

Some of Europe’s best summer destinations include Strasbourg, Capri, Ibiza… okay okay, keep reading to find out more!

These Are The Best European Summer Destinations:

Strasbourg, France

best summer destination in Europe
Photo by Hugues de BUYER-MIMEURE

Strasbourg is one of the best European cities to visit in summer. This city is a mix of German and French, it’s a little bit of German and a lot of French.

Strasbourg is a great destination for summer for its attractions like being a green city with plenty of parks and miles of bike paths.
With amazing summer wine festivals and amazing food tasting tours, this city should be on your travel bucket list for summer 2022!

You can have a cruise on the canals or go on bike rides or a customized private guided walking tour or just enjoy a lovely evening in your hotel at Strasbourg, the list is endless!


Ibiza, Spain – Best Summer Destination In Europe

best European summer destinations
Photo by Slow Ibiza

Every year, high-profile DJs flock to the Spanish island to take up residence in some of the best clubs in the world!

The streets of Ibiza are always filled with various talents ready to entertain. The most popular parties take place Monday through Thursday!

The best advice for enjoying the city of Ibiza during summer is to stay in quiet locations in these areas. The peace during the day will let you enjoy your trip to this city that comes alive at night!

Capri, Italy

best summer destinations in Europe
Photo by Igor Oliyarnik

Because it is one of the best beach destinations in Europe, Capri is one of the best summer vacations in Europe you should visit.

Taking a boat trip around the island and visiting the blue grotto is one of the best things to do in Capri. With so much sightseeing this city has to offer, it’s important to stay in the best hotels in Capri.

Paris, France – Best European Summer Destinations

Photo by Alex Azabache

The city of love!

Paris is one of the best summer destinations in Europe you should visit! The city of Paris wakes up with the parks and gardens in full bloom after a long and cold winter.

On sunny days with the perfect weather for sightseeing, explore the city on foot. Walk along the Seine River banks, the Tuileries Gardens, and most importantly stop at a quintessential Parisian café for a coffee break.

It is highly recommended to hop on a boat cruise to see the main monuments lit up on a beautiful summer evening.

Prague, Czech Republic

best summer destinations in Europe
Photo by Kelsey Curtis

Prague is an amazing destination any time of the year and more so in summer.

Being one of the best European summer destinations, the best way to have an awesome experience is to enjoy the city like the locals and not dedicate so much time playing tourist.

Join the locals to hike the forests or swim outdoors, hang by the park, stroll by the river or ride a bike to your hearts’ satisfaction! There are endless activities to explore in Prague, always make sure you use the right gears.

There are so many tours to get you out of the city, either by bike or by boat.

With so many fun activities to do in Europe, always have your travel essentials with you! A proper travel bag makes the trip excellent!

Where is your favorite European summer destination? Do share in the comment section!


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