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Easy ways to be accountable

My initial post heading was to be “new year resolutions and easy ways to be accountable.” But even I do not believe in new year resolutions -I believe in goal settings, crushing set goals, being accountable, working smart (cause working hard isn’t in my dictionary please), and having discipline. 

Before we move ahead, HAPPY NEW YEAR MY DARLINGS! I hope this year has been going so well for you all, and things are falling in place just how you want it? I decided to take a little break from posting on my social media page to posting here too. But just like most things in life, my break is up, and as excited as I am for the new year, I am most excited for the content I have lined up for you all. I hope you love them. 

At work, we have our bosses and colleagues to hold us accountable for our work. In the churches, we have the pastors and reverends, and even fellow members to hold us accountable. In school, we have our course-mates and lecturers holding us accountable. 

But what about when it comes to holding ourselves accountable? 



In today’s post, I’d be sharing 5 easy ways to be accountable this year – all in no particular order. 

Write down everything

Our best ideas come to us at odd times, it’s best to write them down immediately. 

Write down your goals, and strike them off as you accomplish them. Have a to-do list, you can have it in sections -daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly so it doesn’t overwhelm you. 

I believe that if we write our goals down and place them where we can see them daily, we will be motivated to accomplish most of them. So, I challenge you to write your goals down and place them in strategic places where you’ll see them and be motivated to crush them. 

Point 1: write your goals and ideas down. 

Create micro-goals

Break down your big goals into smaller goals. For example, if you have a weight loss goal to lose 20kg from your current weight, it looks like a big deal. But if you spread your goal to losing 4-5kg monthly, in about 5 months you will achieve your weight goal. 

The most important thing is the end goal. I’ve heard people make big plans, these plans are mind-blowing and worth listening to too. Unfortunately, these people don’t have any micro goal set out to push them into achieving these major goals -if care isn’t taken, these mind-blowing goals may just remain goals. 

It’s just like cooking jollof rice, you have to parboil the rice, marinate and cook your chicken, make the sauce, before finally mixing them all up! 

Point 2: while the end goal is important, the micro goals are most important. 

Get an accountability partner

When choosing this person, make sure it’s someone who doesn’t fall for your tricks or excuses. A no-nonsense person if I may add. 

My sister is in a weight loss accountability group, where every day they log in their exercise for the day and meals had for the day. Now imagine being a member of that group, seeing everyone log in their daily accomplished targets and monthly share their before/after photos -you definitely will be motivated to stay the course! 

Point 3: having a partner or an accountability group makes it easier to crush our goals. 

Easy ways to be accountable

Celebrate your little wins

Celebrating your little wins keeps you motivated to go on with crushing your goals. It gives you the “I can achieve anything” mentality and that is a good boost!

Don’t focus solely on achieving the goals that you forget to stop, breath, and pat yourself on the back for how well you’ve done so far. 

Point 4: don’t forget to celebrate your wins, no matter how little. 

Review the goals you’re holding yourself accountable for 

Last but not the least, review yourself and the goals you’re holding yourself accountable for. 

This is a great way to see how far you’ve done and it’s a great boost to keep you on track and motivated to do more. 

You should also ensure your accountability partner/group is keeping you on track in achieving both your macro and micro goals. You should feel good about your progress and quality of work. While at that, do not put pressure on yourself. 

Point 5: review your goals and make sure you’re still on track. 

I hope you enjoyed this post while learning something new! Do you have other ways you keep yourself accountable? Please share in the comment section. 

This year, I finally decided to crush one of my goals! I joined YouTube! Below is my fist ever YouTube video, please watch, subscribe and share! ❤️

I joined YouTube!



Uchechi Chidi-Amadi also known as Ucheyy is a digital creator, social media manager, and SEO expert with a degree in Civil Engineering. She's been blogging since 2015, and with the knowledge, she has gotten over the years from both courses and personal experience, she is on a journey to showing creatives how to excel in the industry. A restaurant hopper and a full-time strawberry daiquiri lover, Ucheyy makes work seem fun.


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