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A CHRISTMAS STORY – Dear Santa, I’ve Been Nice

A Christmas story

I love a good Christmas story, as Christmas time is one of my favorite holidays after Valentine’s Day. Having family and loved ones gather around to eat, drink, laugh, tell stories, and just be happy. The whole holiday vibe makes me so happy.

Just like I did during the Easter celebration, I’ll be sharing a Christmas story today! You can catch up on the Easter story here.

A Brother’s Letter to Santa Claus

I am writing this letter for my brother because his arm is in a sling, and the doctor said he shouldn’t move his fingers too much. He sprained his wrist yesterday when he fell off the refrigerator, and we’ve all been pretty busy since then. My mother says it’s amazing how putting one arm in a sling can keep three people jumping.

But my brother said he won’t ask for anything else if I only write this letter to you to explain what he was doing on the refrigerator. He’s afraid you’ll forget about how good he’s been for most of this year.

And, really, he has been pretty good. He’s only had a few slip-ups. Like the time he painted Jerome. He and Jerome found the paints in a box in the garage, and I guess they figured they were watercolors and they’d wash right off. My brother was as surprised as anybody when Jerome’s mother called to say that she could not get the green stars off Jerome’s forehead. I don’t think you should blame my brother for this because it was really just an accident, and the stars wore off in a couple of days.

My brother’s pretty good most of the time. He saved Mrs. Dougherty’s cat when it got too high up in the tree. My mother said that she felt like fainting when she saw him climbing way out on that branch, but even she had to admit that he was trying to do a good deed.

My mother says his heart’s in the right place, and he cares about other people. Once he gave a giant jar of olives to the school cafeteria. He won the olives at a carnival by guessing that there were 870 of them in the jar. He guessed it exactly. My father told him it was an amazing thing to do, but my brother said that he couldn’t eat that many olives in a hundred years and could he give them to somebody that needed them. So my father brought them to the school and bought my brother and me ice cream sodas to celebrate.

A Christmas story

You see, he’s pretty good, so I know you’ll understand when I tell you about the refrigerator.

What started it was when my mother hid the Christmas cookies. She said she had to hide them because last year we only left some burned macaroons and she had to serve store-bought cookies on Christmas. So my brother and I decided to play detective. It was only a game. Really. I mean we weren’t going to eat the cookies. We were just going to find them.

My brother was playing bloodhound and sniffing the air in the kitchen when, all of a sudden, he started barking and pointing at the cabinet over the refrigerator. He stood on the highchair and climbed up on the top of the refrigerator. When he opened the cabinet, the yelping got louder, and the next thing I knew he was on the floor, covered with chocolate chips and pecan sandies.

He wasn’t worried about his hand so much as he was about getting the cookies back into the saltines boxes that my mother had hidden them in. So we picked them up real fast and didn’t even eat one. We put them back in the boxes and cleaned up the crumbs, and that’s when my mother came in and my brother’s hand started to hurt.

So, you see, it was just a detective game that he was playing, and he wasn’t trying to swipe the cookies. And it was pretty smart to guess that they were in the saltines boxes because he knew my mother knew that he doesn’t like saltines any more than he likes olives.

So now that you know what happened, I know you’ll decide to give my brother the things that he asked for and not hold it against him that he fell off the refrigerator in the middle of a game.

I hope that you do, Santa, ’cause he’s really a pretty good brother most of the time. But, if I were you, I’d hold off on giving him the blowtorch for a while.

Culled from ”A time to laugh

I hope you enjoyed this story just as I did. Do you have any favorite Christmas story or tradition? Please share in the comment section as I’d love to read them. 

Merry Christmas!



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