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Hey guys, how did you enjoy your Friday night?! Mine started out slow till about 4 o’clock in the evening.
Got invited to see a movie at IMAX cinemas, saw the Dwayne Johnson’s “skyscraper” and it was amazing!

Disclaimer : Everything about this post is my opinion, even though I got everything I had there paid for. 

This post isn’t about the movie but about my night at IMAX. So, I got a tour to some interesting parts of IMAX, like the private viewing room (the cube), then the signature lounge and screen on the terrace.
The cube was so beautiful with lovely aesthetics and artworks on the wall. I hear it’s a little above 100,000 naira for 3 hours to see a movie in there. I mean you’ll get served white or red wine depending on you, and you get served other yummy meals too. Like you’ll be treated like a King or Queen! The cube is arranged like a lounge with comfortable sofas and nice centre tables too. It has this comfy home feel to it.


Moving to the signature lounge and screen was also interesting. The staircase that led up was made with wood and it’s pattern was properly carved out. Personally I think if the terrace was an open roof, it would have killed the view! But unfortunately, it wasn’t. But it still had the wooden thing done in it too. And it was totally airy too. The menu is affordable too.

Now let’s know more about IMAX from an anonymous source, they’ll be telling us more about IMAX and the services they offer …

Anonymous: So basically in filmhouse IMAX, we don’t just run a cinema business. We have a lounge, a bar and of course an in-house restaurant. Hence, all the comfort u need in one building.
    So moving on to the screens, we have 5 screens in total.

The exclusive dinning cinema which we call the Signature screen. It’s a VIP screen that seats for just 33 guests. The seats have trays attached to them to enable you have a meal while seeing your movie and the best part is the seats recline too 😉. So the ticket flat rate price comes with refillable popcorn, drinks, water and a glass of Champagne or Chapman for your comfort 🍹

Then we have two premium screens which is basically the regular screen which seats for 75 guests each. So the two seats sum up to 150 seats.

The third screen is the IMAX screen. This is the biggest and only IMAX screen in West Africa. Here we only show movies shot with IMAX technology. That way, the sound & picture quality is state of the art amazinggggggg. Imagine seeing a 3D movie in a screen as high as a two storey building. In IMAX, you can see it, feel it and be it! 🙂 We never compromise.

The 5th and final screen is the Cube. The cube is a private viewing which gives our guest total control and privacy while seeing a movie. Here, you get to book the screen, pick any movie of your choice we have showing in our schedule and all u need to do is sit back and enjoy the best 3 hours service of your life!  ☺

As a cube guest, you’re issued an e-key access to the screen and an iPad which enables you control the temperature and light. You get to pause the movie if you so desire too.
You’ll have food served in platters, a bottle of red, white wine and martini. Of course you’ll have refillable popcorns. What’s a movie without popcorn and drinks right? 😀
   The cube is just the perfect space for birthdays, bridal showers and of course engagement proposals which we’ve had the opportunity to grace over time.
In conclusion, the filmhouse IMAX cinema in Lekki offers nothing but royal service from your first step in to the last step out.
I enjoyed knowing more about IMAX from my source, hope you did too? 

Have you been to IMAX? What was your experience like? Let’s discuss in the comment section! 



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