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I met the beautiful Martha of Akara Café at the Sri Lanka festival in Miso Japanese and Thai Restaurant, you can read about it here . She’s a sweet soul.  If you grew up in a typical Nigerian home and you experienced the normal Saturday breakfast then you’ll definitely fall in love with akara cafe cause it will take you down memory lane. 

The mini combo|| N1,500

Balls of akara 
French toasts/ pancakes 
Spicy sauce. 
For that price? I promise you, you’ll be totally satisfied and every bite is worth every penny! 
Luckily, my meal was on the house ?. 

The akara was properly fried, not oily at all. The pancakes so fluffy I didn’t want to finish it ? and don’t get me started on the French toasts, instead of using regular bread slices they used bread buns instead. The sausage wasn’t dried out just as I like it. The interesting thing about having your breakfast here, there are lots of Nigerian games to indulge in when you’re done eating or while you wait for your meal to get served. Lots of books to indulge in! And when Martha isn’t superving the meal preparations, she’s chit chatting with her customers and making them feel at home.

The akara cafe is a cozy place, and it’s definitely a must visit. And I definitely will be going back for some more. This time I promise I’ll pay for my  meal ???.

Score board ||

Ambience 8/10
Service 9/10
Meal 10/10 

Where it is located ||

Plot 296b Jesse Jackson Street, (Opp. Livingbrooks Park), Asokoro Abuja, Nigeria
Instagram ||
Have you been to akara cafe? What was your experience like? As a kid, what was the regular Saturday breakfast in your home?? Let’s connect, I’ll love to know!!!


  • Olalekan N Sadiku

    Thank you Ucheyy. I have fond memories of Akara cafe underbridge? in posh Asokoro too. Martha!!! thank you for not giving up, everything falls in place eventually.

    See you at the top.
    Olalekan N SADIKU

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