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Last week at work, I was craving smoothies; not one made by me. So I decided to google smoothie places in Victoria island Lagos and a list of places popped up, but the smoothie express caught my eyes and I don’t know why.  So I decided to check their website and I was sold out immediately! I think it’s the way the used fruits to spell their name…

Disclaimer : This isn’t a paid review.

I quickly told them on IG that I’d be coming the next day (gal is a foodie 😁), unfortunately I had a lot of work so I pushed it to 2 days later.
After work on Thursday, I and some friends went to the minibar in Victoria island and I promise you, we had a swell time!

The waiters/smoothie chefs (if there’s anything like that 😂) John and Marvelous were patient with us while they guided us through the menu and price list.
I went there with the intention of having the strawberry smoothie but I changed my mind and had the passion parfait (had kiwi, coconut, banana, yogurt and oats and some other yummy things in it).

While we waited for our smoothie to get ready,   we snacked on Mr. Ekpa peanuts ( a review for another day) and this yummy granola bar while surfing through the magazine they had on each table!

My friends enjoyed their smoothies and I enjoyed my parfait. The service was amazing and I have absolutely nothing to fault them for, and I’d absolutely visit again!
Bonus: for their customer service week, they are giving 5% discount on all orders! So hurry while offer last!

Price list: From 500 to 2,000 Naira.
Contact Address : 17 Adeola Odeku Victoria Island, Lagos State.
Instagram : @smoothieexpressng
Website :

Where’s your best smoothie place? And do you prefer parfait to smoothies? Let’s discuss in the comment section.



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