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You know how you really want to talk someone and you just can’t cause you feel the person might be a snub? Well, that was exactly how I felt before contacting Ric. But at the end of it all, I realized I was wrong to conclude without trying first. 
Ric is a really nice person, and I’m so excited I got to interview him. I hope y’all love “the moment with the African gentleman.” BTW, I’ve got his “gentleman” song on repeat, y’all should listen to it.
” hey beautiful I know what you need, my African queen I’d take you to Malawi……………….. You should know by now you deserve a gentleman.”  – from Ric’s “Gentleman.” 

Moment with the African gentleman : 

1) Hi Ric (I can call you Ric right?) can you tell us a bit about you?

Well my name is Ric Hassani. I’m a Pop-African Singer and Songwriter and I have a single called Gentleman. I write loves songs alot and that’s my favourite topic to write about.

2) we know you’re into music, and have a great fashion style too. How do you combine the both?

I guess it comes naturally, really with ease, so there’s no stress at all. they are both forms of expression, so it’s all art.

3) how do you know what outfit to pick for different occasions?

Haha I really don’t know to be honest it just happens. Sometimes I’d just kind of, see what i want to wear or how I want to look in my mind and then if I don’t have it in my wardrobe I’d look for a tailor or a designer to make what I want. it really comes with ease.

4) what’s your “go to” outfit, the outfit you just can’t do without?

There’s none like that, I like to wear new stuff every single time.

5) how would you describe your style?

African Gentleman . 

6) if you could wear just one outfit for a whole year, what would it be and why?

It will have to be a suit and button up shirt. I like suits. I feel like they command respect and also show character and grace and poise all at the same time. The Suit is probably my favourite kind of clothing.

7) can you tell us a bit about your music and what inspired you to move towards that direction?

Love. I like love. I’m very inspired by Love. to be honest I was inspired to move in this direction after I had tried alot of other things, I just decided to do a kind of music that I really like, and this was it.

8) If you were to choose between music and fashion, what would it be?

There is no such thing!!!! lol. they’re really the same thing to me so, can’t really pick one over the other.

9) what do you think about the fashion industry in Nigeria?

It’s fantastic. it’s really constantly growing.  I’m Proud.

10) where do you see yourself in 5 years time, and what advice will you give to people who look up to you?

I see my self in a place of fulfilling God’s Purpose for my life. And I’d advice anyone to be Proud of themselves and never insult yourself by comparing yourself to another person haha, and also always be Polite to everyone and be open to helping others in however little way.

I hope you enjoyed this moment with Ric, cause I did. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

Love, Ucheyy 


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