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 Just like every other Saturday morning, I and some friends decided instead of sitting at home eating, watching TV and sleeping, to go to Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC).

The journey to LCC coming from the mainland was annoying and stressful! Even though all I did was sit in my friends car. Firstly, we had to deal with the day being so hot and sunny, then we still had to deal with serious traffic from Mile 2 to Costain. Wasn’t funny one bit! If my friend wasn’t driving and I had to use public transport, I would have just biked it!

Not to digress from the post of the day. After a long ride, we finally got to LCC signed in and headed to get our tags.
We got to where we’d get out tags to find out the way to the canopy walk was flooded and the only option was the natures walk! Such disappointment cause my main reason for going to LCC was for the canopy walk.
I was already getting irritated with the turn of event, while I sluggishly agreed to do the natures walk.

We had a tour guide through the natures walk, she talked about the place and some other things I wasn’t paying attention to. I was mostly focused on the monkeys jumping from tree to tree and perching on the walkway of the natures walk.
We finally got to the tree house, a lot of people were disappointed cause the probably expected something dramatic to be at the end of the walk! While some angrily went back, some happily continued to the tree house.

One man kept complaining all through the walk and it was seriously getting on my nerves! Like man, I’m trying to have a good time here please. Did I mention he wore a suit too? But that’s none of my business anyways.
Back to the tree house, while some were excited to climb and some were scared of climbing, I was among the category of people that climbed the first 5 to 6 steps just to take pictures!

After the walk, we went to the family park and walked around, took some pictures, and decided to call it a day!
I wanted to have the coconut drink straight from the coconut, but the coconut wasn’t looking good plus my friend promised me when we take a trip to Benin Republic I’ll get my coconut drink.

Though the day didn’t start out amazing, but I had a swell time and enjoyed every bit of it!  Oh! There was a tortoise too!

Price ||
1,000 naira for the natures walk (and the tag grants access to every other place in LCC except the canopy walk which you’ll have to pay an extra 1,000 naira for).

My lekki conservation centre experience was amazing and I’ll definitely go back for the canopy walk!

Have you been to lekki conservation centre? What was your experience like?!  



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