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I literally live for weddings! Like don’t you just love ‘love’?
Weddings are so beautiful, it can make a single lady feel engaged for a minute, I don’t think I have met anyone who hates weddings. Now, imagine when it’s your person that is getting married! ‘Ogbeni’ there’d be no calming down o. That’s exactly how it happened yesterday when Jane tied the knots with her beau Williams. I wasn’t just present, I was part of everything! In fact I was an asoebi, yes o its a title I was proud of being a part of yesterday.

This Gals know how to turn up, we made sure we had the best time of our lives, made sure the bride felt as a priceless jewel (she really is a priceless jewel).

Let me brief you on the origin of ”asoebi” and the importance of having one at your wedding :

Aso-ebi is a cultural tradition that has endured despite modernization from the Yoruba ethnic group in Nigeria. It is the oldest and most valuable type of Africa attire, meaning “uniformed solidarity dress.” It is one of the cultural traditions that has forced its way into the present world, despite the economical and political development.
Pronounced  as ASHO EYBEE.  Nigerian outfits made from matching fabric to be worn by a group of people to a party, wedding,or naming ceremonies.In Nigeria, during parties you see people wearing the same material. It is called aso ebi. Aso Ebi translated to English means family cloth.Aso-ebi is a phenomenon seen at Nigerian events in which groups of people wear similar cloth to indicate their close relationship.

The importance of having an ”asoebi”:
* They give color to the occasion
*The dance in with the bride and her train
*They are literally the ladies of the day
*They bring fun to the wedding
*They have a close relationship with the bride so they know things to do to make her happy…. You can add more in the comment section.

Jane selected the best for her train, cause we ladies came out right. Beautiful, interesting, crazy, happy, did I mention beautiful? and our outfits? So out of this world.

The wedding was a beauty. And I wish the couple a wonderful forever!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Don’t forget to add your own importance of having an ”asoebi” in the comment section….



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