Mango beer
Ahh, the beer review… I got invited by Bature Brewery to taste their newest beer craft, the mango beer. It was an absolute delight and I hope I did justice to explaining what the mango beer was about. 
The beer is a clear light amber color with a fine, foamy ivory-colored head. Its flavor starts out as mango and ends with a slightly spicy fruit juice kind of flavor. 
The mango beer combines fruit aromas. The yeast, malts, fruity hops and other ingredients/spices used contributed to giving it a wonderful aroma. 
A little trick to try || Just try drinking a beer with your nose plugged, then release your nose and breathe in while holding the beer in your mouth. You’ll notice the difference—the sudden blast of flavor—right away. 
Mango beer

Beer tap at Bature brewery 

Mango beer and Pata Tim 
 Mango Beer combines full fruit aromas with a subtle sweetness and dry finish. It’s easy drinking and balanced with a refreshing hint of mango. Feels like drinking a fruit juice, but easy there cause this mango delight is packed with 6% of alcohol which creeps in on the drinker. 
A little trick to try || Take a sip of beer and hold it in your mouth for a few seconds, then swallow and breathe out immediately. You might detect some flavor that couldn’t be detected by just smelling the beer.
The mango beer was thin in my mouth, and it wasn’t heavily carbonated. You’d notice the foam was quite flat in the pictures, this happened due to the long time I spent taking the pictures. 
Finally, I’d say this mango beer was a great addition to Bature’s beer craft. I’d definitely have more of it till I drop (*winks in mischief* lol). I definitely recommend this mango beer, make sure to accompany it with a hot plate of spicy hot goat meat!
Ps|| Drink responsibly. 
Where it is located || 
Behind Johnny Rockets in Discovery mall wuse 2 Abuja. 
Instagram ||
Have you tried the mango beer? What’s your take on it? Have you had any beer from Bature? Which one? You can read my previous Bature review here. 

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