The Discovery of the best pizza places in Abuja has led to my constant fight with my scale, as it has refused to bulge -blame the scale for showing me numbers I don’t identify with lol. 

Whether you’re a thin crust lover or a thick crust pizza lover, or you like to sit out and enjoy a few pizza slices with friends or you’re one of those who prefer to sit in front of their TVs snuggled up with the box of pizza by their sides, this list of the best pizza places in Abuja has everyone covered. 

Here are some of the best pizza places in Abuja, these are places I personally love too!


Best pizza places in Abuja

Best Pizza Places In Abuja

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut came into Abuja not too long ago, and they’ve not disappointed so far! If you’re a chicken lover, then you’ll love their peri-peri chicken pizza! Want some extra zest? Then try the BBQ chicken and Suya pizza, worth every penny!


Cilantro Restaurant 

While cilantro might be an Indian restaurant in Abuja, they have other interesting side attractions on their menu. Their thin-crusted flavor-packed pizza is one of those. You don’t only get to enjoy yummy pizza slices, you get to enjoy a beautiful view too. 

Uncle D’s

With two restaurant locations in the heart of Abuja, Uncle D’s got you covered with your pizza cravings. I love how they play with olives in their pizza. The crust? Thick as my thighs! But one you’d love to bite into. 

Gourmet Pizza Company 

One of those thin or thick crusted loaded pizza slices you just want to admire first before taking a big bite! Gourmet Pizza Company offers authentic Italian wood-fired oven pizzas. If you’re a lover of pork, you might be slightly disappointed because they don’t serve pork in this establishment. 

Pizza places in Abuja

Galaxy Pizza

The guys at Galaxy Pizza are not only generous with their cheese, but they are also with the toppings too. Try the galaxy Mexicana pizza and you just might eat nothing else for life. All pizzas are available in regular and family size, and you have the option of 4 dips to choose from -chili sauce, bbq sauce, garlic sauce, and pizza tomato sauce.  

Tapas On The Green 

Tapas is a multi-cuisine nature-themed restaurant in Central Park Abuja. When they’re not serving their various Indian/Chinese or Nigerian cuisine, they have the options of classic or premium pizza to serve. Their pizzas come in medium or large only.  

Cantina Restaurant 

At Cantina Restaurant, they serve Mediterranean-style cuisine. Asides from the beautiful space, their pizza cheese pull is something everyone has to experience at least once! Their classic Margherita and pepperoni are recommended. The pizza sizes are in standard and medium only. 

Puzzo’s Restaurant 

If you’re one for authentic continental cuisine with a blend of fun and serenity, then you’ll love Puzzo’s restaurant. But that’s not all they have to offer, they have delicious cheesy pizzas too! Have you ever wondered where to get seafood pizza from? Here’s your spot! 

And that brings us to the end of our best pizza places in Abuja. Did I miss out on your favorite spot?

Do you have any preference for your pizza crust? Thick or thin? What’s your favorite pizza type? Have you been to any of these places listed? Tell me in the comment section. 



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