Brunch At Lomo Coffee And Restaurant Abuja

Lomo Coffee and Restaurant is a cozy spot nestled in the bustling city of Abuja. From the moment you step inside, you’re transported into a chic and contemporary space that exudes charm and sophistication.

The restaurant has an earthy color scheme, with warm wooden accents and pops of greenery throughout. The atmosphere is lively but not overly crowded, making it a great place to catch up with friends or have a quiet breakfast alone.

lomo coffee and restaurant abuja

I visited Lomo Coffee and Restaurant on a Sunday morning for a brunch date, and I was excited to see what their menu had to offer. The breakfast options are varied, with a mix of traditional and contemporary dishes. The menu includes pancakes, toast, omelets, and breakfast sandwiches.

I and my date had the most amazing breakfast at Lomo Coffee and Restaurant in Abuja! The fluffy pancakes were simply divine, and the hash brown potatoes were cooked to perfection. My sunny-side-up eggs were cooked just as I like them, and I traded in my slices of bacon and sausages for the grilled tomatoes (I stopped eating meat last year + my date got more protein in his plate 🤧 = a win for both parties 😂).

The portion sizes were generous, but the downside for us was being served honey with our pancakes instead of maple syrup as we’re not fans of honey on pancakes!


One of the highlights of my visit to Lomo Coffee and Restaurant was their strawberry milkshake. It was made with fresh strawberries and had a creamy texture that was perfect for sipping. The milkshake was not overly sweet, and the flavors were well-balanced. It was a great way to cool down on a hot Abuja morning.

The service at Lomo Coffee and Restaurant was outstanding. The staff was friendly and attentive, and they made sure that our experience was enjoyable. They were knowledgeable about the menu and were able to offer recommendations when we needed them. The food arrived promptly, and the server checked in on us regularly to ensure that everything was satisfactory.

The ambiance at Lomo Coffee and Restaurant was lovely. The décor was modern and tasteful, with an understated elegance that made the space feel inviting. The restaurant was well-lit, and the natural light from the windows made the space feel bright and airy. The seating was comfortable, and the music in the background added to the ambiance without being too loud or distracting.

In addition to its breakfast menu, Lomo Coffee and Restaurant also offers a lunch and dinner menu. They serve continental dishes, with a focus on fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. They also have a great selection of beverages, including coffee, tea, smoothies, and cocktails. Their prices are reasonable, and the portions are generous, making it a great spot for a casual meal or a special occasion.

One thing to note is that the restaurant can get quite busy, especially during peak hours. However, the staff is efficient, and they do their best to accommodate everyone.

Overall, our experience at Lomo Coffee and Restaurant was fantastic. The breakfast was delicious, the strawberry milkshake was refreshing, the service was outstanding, and the ambiance was lovely. I would highly recommend this spot to anyone looking for a great breakfast or a casual meal in Abuja.

No 107 Ebitu Ukiwe Street Abuja, Nigeria



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