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What was meant to be brunch turned into dunch (lunch/dinner) because we were indecisive on where exactly we wanted to go to, by the time we multitasked between doing our make up, picking outfits, deciding on what exactly we wanted to eat and where we wanted to go to, it was already 5pm. 

Walking into Mims Noshery you can feel the girly vibes, with the pink decor splashed on every corner of the restaurant. It doesn’t look like your average restaurant as attention was paid to the details. It may look girly, but the play of flavors in their dishes speaks volume!

I wandered in with my two girls on a Saturday evening, and was immediately greeted by the friendly staff and incredible aroma of pancakes. The restaurant wasn’t filled up so it wasn’t a problem to snag a private table. 

We ordered the crispy chicken mayo sandwich (mayonnaise, shredded chicken, spices cheese served in croissants), pancakes served with fruits (berries, whipped cream and chocolate drizzles), mushrooms, scrambled eggs and baked beans; for our drinks we had two Oreo milkshakes and one raspberry cocktail. 

Chicken mayo sandwich
Mims Noshery
Fluffy pancakes
Oreo milkshake

The crispy chicken mayo sandwich was loaded with flavors and spices, and just as the name it was loaded with crispy chicken too. I think I had a foodgasm immediately I took the first bite. It was loaded with cheese (the staff asked if I wanted more cheese and I gave her a go ahead, so I guess that was why I had loads of cheese in my sandwich). The pancake was one of the fluffiest I’ve had (I make one of the fluffiest pancakes so I should know right?… right!) between the flavors from both the whipped cream and the drizzled chocolate, and the flavors from the pancake itself we couldn’t tell what the secret ingredient was! Our mushroom was properly fried but I’d have preferred the scrambled eggs having more softness as it wasn’t as moist and soft as I’d have liked, though it was flavorful. The baked beans was….. like baked beans. We enjoyed our Oreo milkshake and the raspberry cocktail. Let me let y’all in on a secret, if you go for the raspberry cocktail try to take one little sip at a time as the sugar rush can go straight to your brain (I’m not kidding!)… you’re welcome. Oh! Did I mention the bread (as they were out of croissants) used for the sandwiches was crisp yet soft and chewy? Loved it! By the end of the meal we were planning our next visit.

Our expectations were totally exceeded with the food, but there was a downside along the way. A few minutes after we finished eating, power went off (yes yes it’s Nigeria) and their generator kept going off and on we couldn’t even sit in a few minutes after our meal we had to leave. I put up a question on my Instagram asking people how their Mims Noshery experience was and most people still complained about the power situation, I think it’s something they have to work on. 

Don’t let appearances fool you—the decor may be girly, but the crispy chicken mayo sandwiches are fantastic. This place is perfect for groups or a casual brunch date. 

Damage || N17,600 (for what the 3 of us had including take out)

Where it is located || 

No40 agadez street  off aminu kano Abuja, Nigeria

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