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    Have you tried to make new friends in a new city? Especially as an adult… it’s terrifying! I’m not one who easily makes friends, through secondary school down to the university, and into my service year, a lot of people called me a snub. In fact, in secondary school, I was nicknamed “Uchechi dah snubber dah don”. I have no idea why the nickname was born, I think it’s just how my face looks most of the time.  My face talks before I open my mouth, unfortunately.  Anyways, as I got older I made a conscious decision to be more friendly, and have a welcoming smile towards people. The world is…

  • Friendship

    FRIENDSHIP BREAKUPS | Have You Ever Experienced One?

    Friendship breakups are like feeling a creeping dull stubborn ache in your side, while it’s mostly ignorable it never goes away. Unlike romantic breakups that feel like grabbing a super hot pan straight from the stove with your bare hands, a sharp pain that eventually subsides and heals. There are no sad songs to listen to in friendship breakups or long lonely car rides to embark on, no sad TV shows to binge while you stuff your face with chocolate and red velvet cakes or maybe the sweetest caramel popcorn just to stay distracted, there are no routines -with friends.  How do you move on from someone you once cry-laughed…

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