It’s almost that time of the year when all we want to do after all the parties and hangouts with friends & family is to have a large bowl of popcorn and a large mug of hot chocolate while we watch the most cheesy happy endings Christmas movies on Netflix. 

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays of the year, from traveling to spend it with family to having late breakfast, to waking up later than usual -not that I wake up so early on a normal day lol, most importantly to opening up gifts on the morning of Boxing Day! 

While the Christmas holidays are always filled up with various activities, the best part is bonding with friends and family, and what other way to do it than to have interesting Christmas movies to watch on Netflix?

I’ve currently been on a Christmas movie binge on Netflix, if you follow me on Instagram (@thelifestylegal_), you’d have gotten a few Christmas movies to watch on Netflix ideas from my story. 

One beautiful yet cliche thing Christmas movies on Netflix have in common is a journalist or writer traveling to a small town with no actual name just to fall in love with someone in that small town with no actual name lol. Oh, wait! My absolute favorite is when the storyline is about a famous person traveling to a small town for work or a shoot or something random and falling for the town’s baker!

Don’t we all love cheesy cliche movies now! It’s the season so embrace it!

Christmas movies to watch on Netflix

Without further ado, let’s get into business!


Christmas movies to watch on Netflix in 2021:

Love Hard

This is a 2021 Christmas movie on Netflix, and it’s one movie that’ll get you in the Christmas spirit. It tells the story of a young blogger/writer who has had terrible relationships in the past and writes about her terrible relationships on her blog. She meets a young handsome man on a dating site and decides to travel to a country she’s never been to just to pay him a surprise visit on Christmas Day! Guess what?… drumroll pleaseeeeeeee!!!! SHE WAS CAT-FISHED! 

The Princess Switch

This movie is the typical cliche Christmas movie. Prince meets baker/princess meets baker and they all fall in love! How classic! A baker and her male bestie baker sign up for a baking competition in the palace, she runs into the princess who’s her look-alike and they automatically become best friends and decide to switch places. Male baker falls for the princess while the prince falls for the female baker! How cheesy! This is a must-watch btw!

The Princess Switch: Switched Again

This second part continues the love story of our favorite bakers, in this part, the princess is being crowned queen and the former baker now turned princess and her prince try to fix the soon to be queen’s relationship with her baker lover. There’s a twist, there is a cousin who looks exactly like the two! Twist, turns, heartbreak, every emotion was felt in this second part and I loved it!

The Princess Switch 3: Romancing The Stars

After much havoc caused by the third lookalike and a precious ornament stolen, the princesses have to switch places yet again to restore the peace in the palace. This 3rd and final part was filled with so much drama and laughter, the perfect mix to get you in the Christmas mood. 


This Christmas movie is a refreshing rom-com on Netflix, the story is about two strangers who got fed up with being single and decided to be each other’s platonic plus-ones all year long, only to catch real feelings for themselves along the way. 

Christmas With A View

A celebrity chef is named as the new head chef for a ski resort and this makes it buzzing. Meanwhile, the manager of the ski resort isn’t happy with this new development, but as she and the chef started to spend more time together they discover they have much in common eventually falling in love with each other. 

A Christmas Prince

An aspiring young journalist is sent to Aldovia to get a scoop on the prince who’s known to be a party boy/heartbreaker as he’s about to become king. On getting there, she gets more than a scoop, she falls right in love with the prince. 

A Christmas Prince – The Royal Wedding

This sequel follows the love story of the lovebirds, shortly after the prince is crowned king, the lovebirds are ready to exchange their vows but with a lot of challenges and political crisis, will this be a happy ending love story?

A Christmas Prince – The Royal Baby

Fighting all odds to remain a happy family, one year into their marriage the couple are expecting their first baby. But there is an ancient curse set out to destroy their family which they must stop. 

The Holiday Calendar

A struggling photographer inherits an advent calendar from her grandfather only to discover it has magical qualities that might lead her straight to her Mr. Right. 

I have been on a Netflix Christmas movie binge spree and it’s been an exciting one for me! I still have a lot of Christmas movies on Netflix to cover, and there’s a whole list of yet-to-be-released movies I am waiting on!

2021 Christmas movies on Netflix releases:

Robin Robin – Nov. 24

A Boy Called Christmas – Nov. 24

A Castle For Christmas – Nov. 26

Single All The Way – Dec. 2

David And The Elves – Dec. 6

Grumpy Christmas – Dec. 22

A Naija Christmas – TBC

Netflix has contributed to numerous holiday movies, and I’m certain this list has you covered for the festive season. 

Grab your popcorn, and have a merry Christmas movie binge season! 



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