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Everyone who knows me can honestly tell you that as much as I love food and everything yummy, I also love taking care of my health and well being. From intermittent fasting to working out, down to water fasting (you can read all about my water fasting experience here), I do it all to keep myself in check. BTW, I’d strongly advice you consult with your doctor before making any changes in your diet or going on any diet plan. 

Disclaimer || This is a sponsored post, but everything I’d be sharing is fully my experience and opinion. I’m also not a health expert. 

Because I love general fitness, I was excited when Peak Wellness Centre reached out to me for a collaboration. Peak is a general wellness center with all the needed health facilities, but in this post I’d be focusing on just the gym section. 
The gym had two sections. The room where the dance and aerobic classes take place and the room where the equipments (treadmill, bike, vibration plate, dumbbells, weight lifts, etc) for cardio and weight lifting take place. 
My favorite section was the room where the dance and aerobics classes were held. The gym has working air conditioners so be rest assured, you’d be working out in a cool environment. 

Stepping into Peak Wellness Center, it had this clean vibe to it. The minimalist setting with a mild fragrance lingering in the air will give you a warm welcome. 

The service at Peak is a solid 9/10 as all the staff are properly trained and always at their different posts while being polite and attending to clients as well as they can. The gym instructors I met, Aisha and Donald were professional too. (A little secret, if you’re going for the extra fun while you’re having an intense workout session pick Donald but if you want to lose weight in a blink of an eye while struggling between smiling and crying then go for Aisha! Her energy is out of this world lol). 

The registration fee at Peak Wellness Center varies from daily to yearly plans. 

Daily N2,000
Weekly N5,000
Monthly N20,000
Three Months N60,000
Six Months N70,000
One Year N100,000
Couple Registration N150,000 
You can know more about Peak Wellness by visiting their website here
They’re located at Plot 1706 Gitto Road, Mabushi; Abuja.

If they can add a family package, where a group of four friends or family can come together and pay for a monthly package it’ll be an added bonus. 

My experience at Peak was totally amazing and it’s one place I’d do my best to go back to. And how they handled the pandemic before the lockdown was announced was highly professional and effective too. 
Day 1 at Peak Wellness Center 
One month later (last day) at Peak Wellness Centre 

Did I mention I lost 3kg in the one month I spent there? Yup I did! And to think I was mostly having fun and enjoying myself without even having weight-loss in mind. 

I highly recommend Peak Wellness Center and I can’t wait to read about all your experience in the nearest future. Let’s interact in the comment section as I’d love to know all about your fitness journey!


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