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Chicken Milanese at Brook Lounge Abuja

Brook lounge Abuja is the definition of exquisite and neat. With everywhere splashed with white and amazing lighting, it is not only beautiful but also picture perfect. At Brook lounge, there are two chefs – Chef Josef and Chef Nobble and both chefs have their menus – the options to pick from are enormous. 

I got invited to the food tasting hosted by Dipo Smart. We started with the Chicken Corn Soup with bread, then proceeded to taste the Chicken Milanese, then the Jambalaya Rice, and ended it with a bowl of mixed fruits. Our drinks were so colorful I almost didn’t want to drink mine.

Food tasting at Brook Lounge Abuja

Chicken Corn Soup 

Chicken corn soup

I’m a big-time soup lover, and I enjoyed the chicken corn soup. The bread served with it was slightly crunchy which I loved. I got some prawn taste in the soup, which I blame my tastebuds for because no one else noticed it – I still ponder on this. If you love your soups, then you’re going to enjoy this one.

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Chicken Milanese

Hands down everyone’s favorite. From the presentation to the tenderness of the chicken, to the taste, I love how the pickles gave an extra boost to both the serving and the taste. This is one dish I’ll go back for.

Jambalaya Rice 

Not so “Jambalaya” compared to other Jambalaya rice I’ve tried, and I did well to mention this to our host. For presentation the food did great. It also tasted great, but not as jambalaya but Jollof.

Mixed Fruit Bowl

The mixed fruit bowl had a few of my favorite fruits so I had a grand ending. It had watermelon, pineapple, and some red grapes in it. Enjoyed it. 


Absolutely beautiful space. 

I had a splendid time trying out the different dishes off at the food tasting at Brook Lounge Abuja. The presentation and service were amazing and it’s one place I’d be going back to. 

Have you been to Brook Lounge Abuja? What did you order and how was your experience? Please share in the comment section. 

Where it is located || 

Inside Tropic Galleria, Central Business District Abuja. 

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