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I have literally suffered from itchy body after having my bath. For some reason, I didn’t find bath time to be interesting anymore. I was always washing my towel, changing my sponge, using disinfectants in my water and what not, I didn’t know that everything I was doing was contributing to the itch. Some days after a bath I’d itch for 20-30 minutes before I get comfortable to get on with applying my body lotion and getting dressed.
Then I decided to read more on it and I realized a lot of people had the same problem so I decided to make this post. For over a month now, I’ve done everything listed and I’ve even stopped having my bath with a sponge and the itching has totally reduced and I know in time, it’d totally disappear. Plus bathing is now fun for me now.
Aquagenic pruritus || The name is derived from Latin: aquagenic, meaning water-induced, and pruritus, meaning itch.

Causes of Itching After Bathing :
Water: Not drying the skin properly after bathing. Steam exposure without properly drying can have a similar effect.
Heat: Hot water can irritate the skin, dry it excessively and worsen existing inflammation.
Toiletries: using antibacterial soaps irritates the skin.
Scrubbing: Vigorous cleaning by scrubbing with a loofah or similar object can injure and irritate the skin.
Dry skin: Water and soap can dry skin which may only become apparent after bathing.
Skin diseases: Inflammation on diseased skin may be exacerbated by bathing.
Hypersensitivity: Heat and vigorous scrubbing can heighten abnormal skin sensitivity and injure the skin.
Infections: Certain microbes in the water can infect the skin while bathing.

Ways to Prevent Itching :
* Take shorter baths with lukewarm to hot water. Avoid very long or very hot baths. Soaking in a bath tub occasionally may not be a problem but frequent soaks that are long could cause itching.
* Use mild soaps and shampoos. Baby soaps and shampoos are usually the safer option. Antibacterial soaps should be avoided. Always ensure that the soap or shampoo is thoroughly rinsed off. Shower quickly after soaking in a bath tub with foam bath or soap.
* Scrub gently when bathing. Remember that dead skin cells will slough off on its own throughout the day and do not have to be physically removed. Gentle rubbing can suffice in remove surface dirt. Do not try to exfoliate deeply with very rough and hard surfaces.
* Dry the skin thoroughly after bathing.Apart from wiping with a dry towel, also try to air dry the body for a short period before wearing clothes.
I’ve tried out everything here and I’ve noticed great changes. You can also try washing your towels twice in a week too. (I’d make a post of the bathing products I use in another post).
I hope this post helps someone out there.
I’d love to know your thoughts, and if you’ve had any problems with bathing. Let’s connect in the comment section.



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