Kapadoccia is also known as the cave restaurant is one of the newest restaurants in Abuja. And just as the name, it imitates the looks of a cave. 

As you step your foot into the restaurant, it feels like walking into a beautiful cave somewhere in Turkey. You’re not only greeted by their well-mannered staff, you are greeted with calm music and lanterns hanging almost everywhere. Every table has its menus QR code which you have to scan to get the actual menu. Kapadoccia is a strictly by reservation place, you have to call to make reservations, and once your reservation has been confirmed the menu is sent to you. It’s open from 4 pm to 9 pm. 

The menu offers a variety of mains, some starters weren’t available and the dessert section was limited. Had so many cocktails and mocktails though.

On this day, I and a few food bloggers decided to check this space out and we tried out a few things.

What we had at Kapadoccia ||

Tried out the 3 way cooked sumo fries, the chicken yakitori, braised beef lasagna, Giwan ruwan and onion sauce, Alfredo penne with torzo, Chicken ramen, chicken breast, smokey Nigerian jollof rice. 

The sumo fries were properly spiced and well baked, paired with the chicken yakitori did something especially when the sauce is added. 

Ramen noodles at kapadoccia cave restaurant
ramen noodles
Giwan ruwan
yakitori chicken
Alfredo penne

The Giwan Ruwan was so delicious but quite overpriced for a little portion. 

The Alfredo penne with torzo was one of my favorite cos the torzo sauce on the pasta had a kick to it which I enjoyed. 

The chicken ramen didn’t seat okay with me, I felt it need some heat to boost it a bit. Maybe a little more pepper or something, or maybe it’s just the Nigerian in me.  

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The chicken breast was quite basic without the sauce, I feel it should be properly spiced and marinated cos chicken breast needs a little more seasoning to bang. 

The Smokey Jollof was just basic tomato rice loaded with rosemary spice, I’m sure they can do better. 

The food here is quite pricey, and the portion pretty little. I’d advise them to either increase the portions or adjust the price or if they want to maintain it as is, then the quality of the food should be top notch. 

Will I be going back? Definitely!—- if sponsored. 

I recommend the Alfredo penne, the sumo fries, the Ginwan Ruwa fish, and onion sauce. Try the lasagna at your risk. 

Service – Amazing

The service here was just so amazing. As we sat down, someone was waiting to take our orders and guide us through the menu. Even though they forgot to serve a dessert, I love how they handled their mistake by apologizing and trying to fix up. We asked them not to worry about it though.

Ambiance – Beautiful 

Kapadoccia - the cave restaurant Abuja

The cave restaurant is a beautiful space. Gives the vibe of cave city in Turkey. I loved how the lanterns were beautifully hung (as it’s been ages since I saw a lantern). 

The cave restaurant
Kapadoccia the cave restaurant
Kapadoccia cave restaurant

There’s going to be a lounge upstairs at the cave restaurant, and I can’t wait to see what it looks like when they’re done setting up. 

Damage || 

Alfredo penne – 6,500

Ginwan ruwa fish and onion sauce – 7,500

Yakitori chicken – 4,200

3 way cooked sumo fries – 1,500

Chicken breast, carrot purée – 8,500

Nigerian Smokey Jollof – 1,500

Lasagna – 5,500

Ramen noodles – 6,000

Where Kapadoccia is located || 

Number 2 Kinda Street, Wuse 2 Abuja. 

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Have you been to Kapadoccia – the cave restaurant Abuja? Will you be visiting? What was your experience? Share in the comment section ❤️.