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Gone are the days when only rich and wealthy men could wear ”agbada” oh, these days, even the ladies can wear this beautiful attire!! The beautiful thing about this attire is the feeling it gives the wearer. Short, fat, tall, skinny, everyone slays in the ”agbada”. Especially when styled and designed by JKF- JIDE FRESH KOUTURE.

I spent almost 6 hours at the shoot, and it was an interesting experience for me! I met interesting people, cool ladies, upcoming artists, beautiful ladies, oh not forgetting the ones with the bitchy attitudes too. There was this particular lady with a bitchy attitude, absolutely nothing pleased her, from the makeup artist who did everything to give her a face beat to the photographer, nothing worked! Anyways, she still slayed at the end of the day,but her attitude was a big turnoff for most of us at the shoot.

I had the time to interview this beautiful soul behind JFK, the CEO himself and there are some interesting things he shared with me….


*This one come pass me oh.. all the female models come fair! JFK is there something we should know?
 ”Someone just called me a racist (he said while laughing), but it was not intentional, it just happened.”

*Why ”agbada” and do you wear native attires?
 ”I love the hip hop look, but when I wear native attires, I slay. The entire ”agbada” is my passion, I love ”agbada”, I have made normal ”agbada”, ”agbada” with embroidery, ”agbada” with hoodie.”

My people, na the hoodie ”agbada” shock me pass oh. But when it comes to JFK, everything ”agbada” slays.

It was a very busy day, I couldn’t get him to stay one place to have this interview, but the little I got says so much.

More photos………

The Instagram handle for those who made the shoot a success. (The models did a great job too, its unfortunate I cannot list every ones handle here).
Designer- CEO_JFK
Photographer- MARSHIMAGERY
Makeup artist- LACREME_MAKEOVA

You lovelies now know where to get your ”agbada” from, let me know your thoughts on the ”agbada” especially the one with the hoodie..



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