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Nasaji glasses are premium handcrafted bamboo sunglasses and prescription eye wear. Nasajis are a testament of your unique sense of class and style.

The Jekyll & Hyde line of clear transition sunglasses which automatically turn dark in bright sunlight are the definition of extraordinary.

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Price List (in Naira):
Nasaji Supremacy:14,900
Nasaji Feline:15,900
Nasaji Serenity:15,900
Nasaji Hubris II:15,900
Nasaji Hubris III: 15,900
Nasaji Pride:15,900
Nasaji Huntsman:15,900
Nasaji Kemistrie:14,900
Nasaji Miss’Demeanor:14,900
Nasaji Dominance:14,900
Nasaji Wanderlust:15,900

Every delivery comes complete with a bamboo case, glasses pouch &
microfiber cleaning cloth.

Nasaji Glasses Description: 
 Custom-made from premium, eco-friendly bamboo.
#1 Rated TAC polarized lenses for 100% UVA protection, UVB protection,
impact resistance, and color clarity.
Specialized water-proof coating.
Deluxe spring hinges for maximum comfort
Protective anti-scratch lens coating.




  • Chibuzo Nnadiegbulam

    Sunglasses are worn to to help protect the eyes against ultraviolet rays, also against skin cancer it cancer of the eyelids or skin around the eyes. It also enhances comfortable vision. I personally cannot do without sunglasses.

  • Anonymous

    Our eyes are sensitive, Prolonged exposure to sun can lead to a variety of ailments. Some are simply painful or irritating, others can be deadly serious. But remembering to wear a pair of high quality sunglasses can help to keep you safe from the sun’s damaging rays. #sunglasseschallenge #ufashionsblog IG @chiyeme

  • Anonymous

    Sunglasses protects the eyes from exposure to excess sun rays also medicated glasses helps the user to see better and and glasses in general also protects the eyes from dust and flying insectes #sunglasseschallenge #ufashionsblog #fashionblog @ufashions_blog @master_bruce3

  • Anonymous

    Sunglasses adds style to ur swag and helps to prevent people from seeing ur red eyes wen u smoke weed #sunglasseschallenge #ufashionsblog @ufashions_blog @seanconfidence #fashionshow

  • Anonymous

    We all know how hot Nigeria can be, it's as if we have summer for 10 months in those country! Try looking at the sun or stepping out of your house on a sunny day, you'd have this headache that can't be explained. Now try stepping out on a sunny day, wearing a good sunshade. What happens? Nothing! It feels like you can look into the sun and challenge it with your eyes without having any headaches. Do I need to go on about how important sunglasses are? Get a sunglass and try it out yourself. #sunglasseschallenge #ufashionsblog @weneale week 1

  • Unknown

    then people with scopophobia which is a disorder that make affected persons uncomfortable with being looked in the eye would be deeply grateful for the existence of shades.#sunglasseschallenge #ufashionsblog @fadedaquariannextdoor #week2

  • Unknown

    Actually, You can tell that 9ja Sun is no way a joke, especially in the Northern region where I reside,9ja Sun can be used to fry a bunch of plantain (DODO)on someone's head LOL!.
    Not withstanding and sure "No Shaking", SUNGLASSES are great Fashion accessory which help's to protect the eyes from the Sun's Ultraviolet rays and also gives that Beautiful, classy and fashionable look.
    All thanks to a protective companion for the day "SUNGLASSES".
    IG @Geeprincy
    Week 2

  • Chibuzo Nnadiegbulam

    Most people who choose to wear sunglasses do so only to cut down on the sun’s glare.
    But believe me there are more reasons why the use of sunglasses is important more especially when you’re enjoying the outdoors during the summer.
    It helps prevent sun related diseases such as skin cancer. This applies to the skin around the eyes including the eyelids which is very sensitive to sunlight. Also prevents CATARACTS & GLAUCOMA which may result due to prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays. It also helps prevent MACULAR DEGENERATION which involves part of the retina, called the macula, deteriorating, causing impaired vision and in many cases, eventual blindness.
    The use of sunglasses also prevents the eyes from elements such as wind, dust and sand. We all know how discomforting this can be especially in Nigeria. It also promotes healing and recovery and finally but not the least, you'll see more and enjoy outdoors more. #Sunglasseschallenge #UFashionsBlog #Week2 IG: @itz_Mr_cee

  • gigidennis

    SUNGLASSES are supercool and a must have accessory allowing our eyes escape the intense hue of the sun-rays at high attitude.
    its the reason you look straight up into the hot sun and experience an overwhelming sense of calmness descend on you.
    this fun modern invention called sunglasses do not just help prevent our eyes from the glare of the sun rays it also changes our view of the world allowing our brain the chance to escape the thoughts of ultraviolet rays and its dangerous effects on our health.
    its funny how it can hide your facial expression and still gives you a beautiful face shape.
    sunglasses are my absolute best fashion accessory. #sunglassesChallenge #UFashionsblog #week2 IG:@Liciapop170

  • Chyko Clay

    Sunglasses protects the eyes from degeneration, UV rays and sunburn. Exposure to sun can cause sunburn, which makes the eyes hurt, red and become extremely sensitive. Sunglasses shields the eye skin and protects it from skin cancer. When getting sunglasses, it is advisable to get sunglasses with 100% UV-A rays and UV-B protection. Better to get the sunglasses from an optometrist. Week 2. #sunglasseschallenge #ufashionsblog #fashionshow @chyko_clay

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