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 It may look like your average Abuja restaurant (as almost every restaurant in the capital has the same look), but Ann’s Abuja is anything but!

I wandered in with my two girls on a Friday afternoon, and was immediately greeted by the friendly staff and incredible aroma of varieties. The restaurant wasn’t filled up so it wasn’t a problem to snag a table. The decision to be made was to dine inside or outside (there’s an outdoor section at Ann’s). 

Walking into Ann’s, you’d feel the classy vibes with the minimalist decor and the attention to details. It doesn’t really look like your average restaurant as attention was paid to the details. You probably think it’s just the decor they have to offer? Wait till you try out their dishes. Speaks volume!

Ann’s restaurant Abuja

Photo from Ann’s Instagram. 

We ordered the Penne Arabiatta with spicy grilled chicken add on, lasagna, non spicy crispy chicken wings, basket of fries; for our drinks we had a Virgin colada, pink lady, Nigeria me crazy (a cocktail) and water.


The lasagna was rich with flavors, minced meat and cheesy too. I like how it was loaded with cheese but they didn’t go over board with it. It was so chewy and I loved that. If you’ve never had a foodgasm, then you should try the Ann’s lasagna. I think I had a foodgasm immediately I took the first bite. Btw, I think about 3 or 4 persons can share a pan of the lasagna. 

Penne arabiatta

The penne arabiatta was properly cooked in its spicy tomato sauce. I love how the didn’t go overboard with the garlic in the pasta. The shredded grilled chicken add on was a smart play as every bite of pasta had some shreds of grilled chicken to it! I need to meet the chef and give him a thumbs up or something!

Crispy chicken

The fries and crispy chicken was on point too. Though I didn’t absolutely enjoy the sauce for the chicken. I couldn’t place what taste it had exactly, but something in it didn’t sit right in my tongue. My sister enjoyed it and asked for more so might be my taste buds, who knows? 

Virgin colada

If you know your mocktails and cocktails, you’ll know when you’ve had a good virgin colada. I remember one restaurant I dined at, they served me pineapple juice with a touch of coconut milk and called it virgin colada (slams face in palm lol). Oh well, gladly that wasn’t the case here; the portion of pineapple juice was proportional to that of the coconut milk and the ice cubes (smiles in total fulfillment and accomplishment). It was creamy and delicious (if you ever go to Ann’s make sure you try the virgin colada). 

Go for the pink lady if you want something with a tad bit of alcohol in it. 

Then if you want something strong… hehe… then go for the Nigeria Me Crazy! The first sip went straight to my brain I kid you not. The vodka content in it was so strong, definitely something I’d order on a Friday night not for lunch lol.

Ann’s restaurant

Our expectations were totally exceeded with the food and service. Don’t let appearances fool you—the decor may look classy, but the menu is friendly and the food totally fills one up. This place is perfect for groups, a casual date or an intimate date. 

Damage || N18,522 (for 3 persons VAT inclusive)

Where it is located || 

36 Gana Street Abuja, Nigeria

Instagram ||





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