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You all know how we have perfumes that once we wear it, it feels like soaring into heaven? And most times, we get a perfume and we have this sad ache in our hearts, cause the perfume just destroys your aura and you wonder why there was no review on the product?

Well, worry no more and fasten your seat belts as we soar together into that beautiful bliss we crave for.
This product is all you need to have that perfect day!!!

Annoying boyfriend?
Not to worry, a spray of ”scents ‘n’ bottles” can brighten your day.

Hungry but on a diet?
Just a spray of  ”scents ‘n’ bottles” will take your thoughts away from food.

Got an annoying boss?
Why not wear a little ”scents ‘n’ bottles” and watch that grumpy boss of yours transition to something wonderful!!

Now, why waste more time?
Join me as we know more about this product and what brought about its existence!……

1. Please can you tell us about your perfumes?
If I could answer that with one word, it would be “OUD” (OUDH). Oud is the most expensive scent ingredient in the world. The expensive scent is strong, musky and almost animalistic in its sensuality. We can proudly say we have the finest collection of Arabian Ouds perfumes, Amouage, Frankincense and Myrrh. Our Master Perfumer scouts the Middle East for the rarest and most alluring fragrances and we bring them to Nigeria to sell at affordable prices.    

2. Why is it named scents ‘n’ Bottles?
We wanted a name that would capture not just the content of a bottle but the bottle itself. Our scented bottles are as gorgeous (if I may use that word) as the content of the bottle.

3. How you came about that name? 
I was ‘Oudspired’ *laughs* 
4. What makes the fragrance unique from every other brand?
Someone was once asked to describe the smell of Oud and his response was quite unique for a smell. “happiness” He replied. It’s simple, Ouds are rare. Its rareness makes it desirable by the elite. The demand for Oud far outweighs supplies. Oud never smells the same twice, it will stay in your clothes for days. Nearly all the major brands now have an Oud category. Not too long ago, Tom ford started blending Oud into his perfumes. 

You’ll barely see them in any store front anywhere in Nigeria. If you do get to see one, we put it there. Oud is said to be the traditional fragrance of the Middle East, its the cultural scent of the Arabians. Oud is not just a scent, it’s a way of life. Ouds last longer on you.

5. How did you know the perfume will turn out nice and what was your confidence on?
It had to be good. I knew it was good even before my first spritz. You simply can’t be a cultural touchstone in the Middle East and not be that good. Oud is highly prestigious, it is closely related with royalty. First time I tried it on? i’ll describe the feeling with one phrase “scent from heaven”.
6. Tell me about yourself and your connection with your perfumes?
I grew up with a dad who was obsessed with perfumes. He was so into perfumes that he would spray up to 3 different brands before church on Sundays. He kept it low-key on week days. So at an early age I developed passion for smelling nice. Meeting the Master Perfumer (Adewale Aladejana, of Sapphire Scents) brought out the business side of it. Now i’m in the business of making people smell nice. 
7. How many fragrance is available and what makes each unique from another?
We have about 14 Arabian Ouds brands, 7 types of Amouage and we also have Frankinscene. We have the Oud Ateeq, Oud Mumtaz, Jawad, Oud Isphahan, Lyra, Safeer Al Oud, Sheikh Al Arab, Oud Al Shams, Mashkoor, Prestige, Rouat Al Oud, Aroob, Dar Al Hae, Frankincense and electric burner, Amouage Interlude, Amouage Epic, Amouage Gold, Amouage Opus, Amouage Sunshine, Amouage Reflection, Amouage Journey and Amouage Honour. Our Amouage perfume is a 100% perfume oil extract. They last longer than the normal Amouage Eau De Parfum. We also have the Amouage Bespoke. It’s our signature scent for anyone who understands the essence of luxury. We put one of the most expensive perfume oil extract in a gorgeous bottle with your name on it. You also get a unique scent, no one gets to smell like you.

If you’re into a Aphrodisiacs, we have something for you. It’s called the “Bakhoor”. This one is rated 18. *smiles*
You can follow Scents ‘n’ Bottles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram via @scentsnbottles or Call/Whatsapp Khan on 09021190044 to order. They deliver nationwide.

Don’t forget to get a bottle of your ”scents ‘n’ bottles” product!
And this post comes with a thousand sprays to make your day!!!


  1. Go Manny! Always making us proud. You have read it all…stop sleeping on a bycicle order yours today! #Oudlifestyle#fragranceofkings#StayOudy#BeYou!

  2. These are Alcohol free perfumes right? Actually, I have been using Ajmal perfume for a while along with Tom Ford Perfume Noir Extreme. Can you please share a review on both of these perfumes? Thanks for the review by the way.

  3. Thank you again for all the knowledge you distribute,Good post. I was very interested in the article, it's quite inspiring I should admit. I like visiting you site since I always come across interesting articles like this one.Great Job, I greatly appreciate that.Do Keep sharing! Regards,

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