Rénao restaurant and lounge Abuja

Rénao is a restaurant and lounge located in the heart of the busy part of the capital – Abuja. Its walls are beautified with art graffitis on almost every corner, and the tables have names of different Abuja locations on each of them.

Stepping into this restaurant and lounge, you are greeted with interesting music slowly blasting from the speakers and well-dressed waiters waiting to serve you. 

There’s the general restaurant area, a bar area, a reading area, a games area with different games to choose from, and the VIP area. The space in this restaurant and lounge was properly used and beautifully decorated.

The menu offers a variety of delicious food and finger foods. From the rénao plantain cups to the goatly rolls, to the rénao special rice, to the crispy ball, the beef burger, etc something is interesting to choose from the menu.

I was hosted to try some things off the menu and I got to try one of the Rénao’s platters while dining in the VIP area. 

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The platter had goatly rolls, rénao plantain cups, rénao special rice, and peppered chicken in it. For my drink, I had the panther smoothie.

Rénao Plantain Cup

This plantain cup was made using mashed overripe plantains and filled with properly cooked goat meat chunks and bell pepper slices. 

I enjoyed this meal. Trying just the plantain alone was so sweet for me, but eating everything in the “cup” together balanced out the flavors properly. 

Goatly Rolls

This was my favorite on the platter. Properly cooked and spiced goat meat with sautéed veggies and a special ingredient made into a roll! Think spring rolls but with goat meat and sautéed veggies! I enjoyed every bite and I kept reaching for more. 

Rénao Special Rice And Peppered Chicken

The rice had mushroom slices in it and chicken chunks too. Every bite was delicious. 

The peppered chicken was so tender the meat fell off the bone effortlessly. 

Squeezing some orange juice into the rice dish gave it a burst of flavors and my taste buds appreciated that. 

Panther Smoothie 

This smoothie was made from bananas, strawberries, pineapples, and whipped cream. It wasn’t so sweet, it was good sweet and I loved it. 

Service – Amazing

The service here was just so amazing. The waiters seemed to be knowledgeable about their menu and were courteous too.

Ambiance – Beautiful 

Rénao restaurant and lounge is a beautiful space. I loved the decor and how they incorporated the street names in Abuja into the restaurant.

Where it is located

Renao Street Area 10 Garki beside ASD motors Abuja, Nigeria (accurate on Google Maps). 



Have you been to Rénao Restaurant and Lounge Abuja? What was your experience? Share in the comment section. 



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