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RESTAURANT HOPPING | 5 Fun Ways To Dine In At least 3 Restaurants In One Day

Restaurant hopping

On weekends, friends hop from club to club or from bar to bar before the night is over, I have friends who say “you have to do at least 5 clubs on Friday night to kickstart the weekend”. 

Now imagine doing that, but with restaurants. Sounds fun right?

What is restaurant hopping? – it’s simply people going to a different restaurant for each course. That is you have starters at one restaurant, then move to another restaurant for the main dish and finally another restaurant for dessert!

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5 Fun Ways To Dine In At least 3 Restaurants In One Day When Restaurant Hopping ||

Pick the location

Choose three restaurants 

Go with friends 

Have a budget

Be mindful of your time 

Restaurant hopping - 5 fun ways

Pick the location:

When restaurant hopping, picking a location is important. You want to choose a neighborhood with different restaurant options. Somewhere easily accessible both on foot and by car. 

Choose three restaurants:

This is the best part, you have to choose 3 different restaurants for each course. One for the starters, another for the main dish, and another restaurant for dessert. All three restaurants shouldn’t be far apart from each other. 

Go with friends:

Everything is fun when we share it with friends! Flying solo too can be fun -most times I’ve had to restaurant hop, I went solo. But the beautiful thing about going with friends is you get to try out different meals! 

Have a budget:

Having a budget is an important tip because you’ll be trying different restaurants with different menus. 

One thing I always do is check out the restaurants’ menu on either their website or social media just to have an idea of their prices. That way, I work around splitting my money in 3 different ways for each restaurant. 

Be mindful of your time:

You have to be mindful of your time when restaurant hopping, you don’t want to lose your momentum. At least one hour in each restaurant is ideal. 

Restaurant hopping is the new bar hopping! You can always end the day at the bar but never works for me because I’m always stuffed and just head home for a nap. 

Have you tried restaurant hopping yet? Is it something you’ll be trying out soon? Tell me in the comment section!



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