It was a rainy Saturday and the initial plan was to go to tuck shop for burgers and hotdogs. Unfortunately, when we got there it was crowded with people, plus the rain and all I immediately lost my appetite for burgers and hotdogs. 

So, Peace suggested we go to Bature brewery and we could order food from the restaurants nearby. That we did!

Bature is a beer place, so you won’t be seeing any foods on their menu. But you get the option of having nearby restaurant menus to try if you’re hungry. 
The interesting thing about Bature is you get to try out the different types of beer they have before placing your order. After going through the process, I settled for the Bature cream stout and all I can say is I’ll definitely go back for it! 
The aesthetics at Bature is totally picture worthy and the beer quotes hanging on the wall gave the place an amazing look. Another interesting thing here was we got to sign out on the wall when we were done with our meal and it took me back to my secondary school days when we always sign out on the walls and ceiling. 

I, Peace and Owo were definitely hungry by the time we went through the beer selection phase and we chose our meal from Manila’s restaurant menu. 
Manila’s cuisine is Philippine so it was quite interesting scanning through it as I’ve never had any Philippine meal before. 
I got the adobo pork, Peace got the adobo chicken and Owo got burgers from another restaurant. 

Adobo Pork || N3,300
Bature Cream Stout || N1,000

Claims to be one of the most popular dishes in Philippine, specially marinated with a mix of vinegar and soy sauce and simmered with loads of garlic, peppercorns and bay leaf. 

|| my sauce was so little for the rice, except that’s a Philippine thing they should be a little more generous with their sauce servings. 

The adobo chicken was the same price as the adobo pork. 

Verdict ||
Timing was poor especially for the food service. We waited a good 30 minutes before my own food was served and few more minutes before others got theirs. Asides that, it is an amazing hangout spot. 

Where it is located || 
They are both behind Johnny Rockets in Discovery mall wuse 2 Abuja. 

Instagram ||

Have you been to either of these places? What was your experience like? Likes interact in the comment section! 



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