A few days ago I put up on my Instagram that I needed any restaurant recommendation, and someone suggested the pier restaurant and lounge. I recently moved to Abuja for work, and I’m still finding my way around so every now and then I’ll be putting up posts on my Instagram for recommendations till I finally know my way around.

A few days before I visited the piers restaurant and lounge, I wrote them to let them know I was coming and they replied, letting me know they were excited to have me.
So, on Sunday I and my ‘gang’ got dressed and went straight to the pier. Walking in from the gate, I had this relaxed and excited feeling because the place had a quiet ambiance.

Let me try describing what it looked like, but I doubt I will do the wonderful architectural work any justice at all!
Try imagining a camp ground with lots of tents, light bulbs hanging around all the tents ; now try adding a suspension below this tents. Oh, make it wooden suspenders with wooden staircases too, now add every beautiful flower you can see in the garden by the corners of each tent. When you’re done with that, add wooden sits in each tent, all the art work in it should be made of wood too, the menu should be made out of a large chunk of wood too…. Are you following?
This little picture is exactly what the pier restaurant and lounge looks like, and more!
PS|| You can view my Instagram story @thelifestylegal_ for the full view.

When I and my ‘gang’ settled down, it took roughly 5 minutes before a waiter attended to us. He was friendly, unfortunately I didn’t get his name. He helped us through the menu and was quite flexible in his suggestions. When he was done taking our orders, he told us it will take 10 to 20 minutes to get it served. I kid you not, the timing was top notch!

What I had ||
Beef Gulash || N4,000
Fresh Orange Juice || N1,200

Beef Gulash ||
Slow cooked beef in rich spicy and tangy gravy. Served with saffron rice and buttered vegetables.

|| My rice was absolutely tasty, and the gravy was properly spiced. But I would have loved to have more beef chunks in it than potato chunks.

What Owo had ||
Pan fried Harissa Chicken || N4,200
Fresh Orange Juice || N1,200

Pan Fried Harissa Chicken ||
Chicken marinated with harissa spice, served with baby gem lettuce salad or rice.

|| I had a taste of the pan fried harissa chicken, it was totally tasty but dry. I wish they made it a little juicier, it would have done justice to the meal.

What Nne had ||
Buffalo Wings || N1,600

The buffalo wings came with chips.

Total Bill || N12,200

I think the Pier Restaurant and lounge is quite affordable, especially if you’re splitting the bill with friends.

Where it is located ||
Plot 498 Ahmadu Bello Way, Kado. Abuja.. (just before NAF Conference Centre).

Instagram ||

Have you been to the Pier Restaurant? What was your experience like? I’ll love to know in the comment section.



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