Scoop'd ice cream bar
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Scoop’d Ice Cream Bar

My love for ice cream knows no bounds! So, when Scoop’d ice cream bar reached out to me I just knew I had to be there.

Scoop’d ice cream bar recently launched in Abuja after being in Lagos for a while. This was an exciting news for Abuja residents because we’ve had some of our restaurants open up in Lagos, so it was a good thing to have a Lagos place open up an Abuja branch.

Scoop'd ice cream bar

Review of Scoop’d Ice Cream Bar Abuja

Walking into Scoop’d, I instantly had an ice cream craving. The space is cute and average sized with a show glass of various ice cream flavors and toppings.

Initially, I thought it was strictly an ice cream place, but to my delight they had other delicious items on display. From their jumbo cookies, to waffles, cake slices, burgers, toasties, wraps, etc there was so much to make a sweet tooth foodie have a happy dance!

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I had a scoop of the absolute chocolate flavor ice cream and a scoop of the wild strawberry ice cream with mango drizzles. The absolute chocolate on its own didn’t bang as much as I’d have loved it too, but with the mix of the wild strawberry and the mango drizzles it balanced out.

The Scoop’d burger had an excellent aroma and the taste didn’t disappoint either. The bun was so soft and the patty well seasoned and tasty too everyone should have a bite!

Some goodies on Scoop’d Ice Cream Menu

Absolute chocolate

Wild strawberry

Cool mint chip

Cookies ‘n’ cream

Coconut chocolate delight

Organic hazelnut

Scoop’d burger

Chicken suya sub

Double cheese mushroom toastie

Crispy chicken basket

The menu is pretty affordable and decent, each ice cream scoop goes for N900. You can also take a look at the menu here.

Where Scoop’d is located:

Novare Gateway Mall, Musa Yar’Adua expressway, Airport Rd, 900107, 900271, Abuja.

Have you been to Scoop’d? Did you have a good time? Do tell!

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