Sketch restaurant doesn’t look like your average Abuja restaurant (as almost every restaurant in the capital has the same look). 

This restaurant is the new sensation in the capital all thanks to its unique ambiance. Sketch restaurant, just as the name gives an illusion of walking into a black and white cartoon or storybook. With its 2D/3D features, it makes the space aesthetically interesting. 

I love that the space is exceptionally unique and the rooftop lights up so beautifully at night. 

I got to try off a few stuff from their breakfast menu:

Sketch restaurant Abuja breakfast

Blueberry French Toast

Breakfast Hash




The blueberry french toast at sketch restaurant:

This was beautifully plated, with a side of loaded blueberry syrup.  The toast was stuffed with blueberries and chopped almonds. Unfortunately, both the syrup and the fillings had excess salt in them and this made the toast overly salty. 

Breakfast hash at Sketch Restaurant:

Made of potatoes, croutons, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, sausage, baked beans, and scrambled eggs. I like that they used the right sausage for this, I’m not a big fan of canned mushrooms, but the chef did an amazing job in spicing and pan-roasting the mushrooms. 

I don’t agree with calling the toasted bread croutons, as croutons are rebaked chunks of bread seasoned and flavored with butter and herbs (I’m open to being corrected). Unfortunately, the eggs were salty and while the potatoes were beautifully presented, they were half cooked. 

We let the Chef know, and she was warm and open to receiving our suggestions. She took the French toast, eggs, and potatoes back and had them remade and the second time they came out amazing. 

The cappuccino and latte were beautifully presented and I enjoyed every sip! 

Sketch restaurant latte

They’re currently on their soft opening and still working on their menu, so I believe by the time they’re fully opened everything should be right!


Where it’s located:

Inside Art-Tech District, 7 Hombori Street, Wuse 2 Abuja.



Have you been to Sketch restaurant Abuja? How lovely was your experience? Do share in the comment section.



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