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Suya fried rice

Urban Air is a restaurant situated in the heart of the bubbly part of Abuja. It gives the illusion of dining on a plane. This spot is a great place for people who love hot and spicy food. 

As you step your foot into the restaurant, you are welcomed by the make-believe airplane setting, a beautiful combination of quote frames hanging on the wall, and an immense luxury of modernity even though the interior decor wasn’t a 100, it was picture perfect. Every table gives you the vibe of being on a plane. When looking at the chair to table arrangement, it looks quite tight but it’s actually comfortable when you sit down. The restaurant sitting arrangement is arranged in a table for twos or fours, a large group of people may not be able to dine here if proper arrangements aren’t made. 

The menu offers a variety of delicious and hot mouth-watering dishes, specially designed for youngsters and adults. Even though they didn’t have most of what was on the starter menu and no dessert was available too. 

I and EatWithChukwuma had a collaboration here; we had the Suya fried rice, Banga rice, the platter 2, and freshly squeezed orange juice. 

The suya fried rice just as the name implies was cooked in suya spice and served with diced beef and chicken. I loved everything about this fried rice, especially how the spicing was balanced out. Both the diced beef and chicken were tender. The pepper in the fried rice wasn’t as hot as the one in the Banga rice. 

The Banga rice was too hot for me but Chukwuma preferred it. The rice was cooked in palm fruit extract, special local spices, scent leaves, goatmeat bits… oh, little bits of kpomo too. 

I wanted the rice to have a little more salt (my preference) but Chukwuma was okay with the spicing generally. 

The platter 2 was made up of chicken kebab, beef kebab, mini sandwiches, fries, and garden salad. 

The kebabs were hot and spicy, but it was a struggle chewing the beef kebab. I could barely chew it so I didn’t bother stressing my poor teeth, I let the beef kebab be. The chicken kebab wasn’t tender, but it wasn’t as strong as the beef kebab so I stuck with it. The mini sandwiches were made with mayonnaise and some meat chunks in it; was okay, nothing crazy or special. The fries had pepper on it, everything cooked in this restaurant was soaked in pepper! I kid you not. I still don’t understand the purpose of the garden salad in this platter as there was no dressing for it. I think it was made with just carrots, lettuce, and shreds of cabbage. We didn’t bother touching it. 

We both had freshly squeezed orange juice, and we had no complaints. 

All the cuisines were fresh and refreshing. 

I remember telling Chukwuma that whoever owned the restaurant was either Yoruba or Anambra cause the pepper in every food wasn’t subtle. I was right, she was Anambra. We spoke to the owner for a bit, she was friendly and explained why every dish had much pepper. The owner is full of warmth and thoughtful of her guests. The waiters did amazing in their service as the ratio of manpower to that of guests in the restaurant was low. 

The restaurant also offers complimentary packs to customers, just like flights. The packs have mini juice packs, lollipops, and biscuits in them. 

Because of the brilliant atmosphere and delicious food service, neglecting the beef kebab almost took out my teeth, I highly recommend going to Urban Air restaurant.

Restaurant review

Damage || 

Suya fried rice || N2,500

Banga rice || N2,500

Platter 2 || N5,000

Orange juice (2) || N3,000

Where it is located || 

Obum plaza, Ademola Adetokunbo, Abuja, Nigeria

Instagram ||





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