Restaurant Dining

Table manners and dining etiquette is important especially when dining with others. While dining out has become more informal, it doesn’t give room to display improper etiquette on the table. It is still unacceptable to talk with food in your mouth, rock the table with your elbows or cross your hand over to reach for the salt. 

It is important to know some table manners and dining etiquette as they’re important in both formal and informal gatherings. 

Table Manners And Dining Etiquette

In no particular order, below are some table manners and dining etiquette to observe when dining:

  • Place your napkin on your laps immediately you sit down. 
  • Do not talk with food in your mouth – This is unpleasant, especially when eating with other people. If you’re asked a question or you have something important to contribute to the conversation, wait till you’re done chewing and swallowing before you talk. 
  • When eating with a group, make sure every member of the group has been served before picking up your cutlery. 
  • Do not press your phone while eating – it is rude to be on your phone while eating in both a formal and informal gathering. Be in the moment, and enjoy the company of your fellow diners. 
  • Do not cut all your food before you begin eating, cut 2-3 pieces at a time. 
  • Food comes out of the mouth the same way it goes in – if you’re eating with a fork, and you taste something you don’t like don’t spit into your napkin. Carefully put the food in your mouth back in the fork and place it by the side of your plate then cover it with a portion of fresh food. The same applies when eating with your hands. 
  • Do not season your food before you have tasted it. 
  • Do not blow on your food – if your food is too hot, wait a while after you scoop it before putting it in your mouth. 
  • Chew with your mouth closed to avoid making nasty sounds. 
  • Avoid burping when at the table – if you must, be modest about it. 
  • Your cutlery is for eating not gesturing while talking. 
Cutlery Set
  • After eating, leave your cutlery on the plate. 
  • After eating, fold your napkin partially and place it to the left of your plate. 
  • Do not use a toothpick or dental floss at the table – if you must, use one hand to close your mouth and the other to pick your teeth. Be modest about it. 
  • It is okay to reapply your lipstick on the table, but don’t freshen the rest of your makeup at the table. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re eating at a social or professional gathering or if you’re eating with your family, it is important to observe proper etiquette at the table.

What other etiquette do you observe at the table? Share with me in the comment section.