• restaurant hopping guide
    Restaurant guide

    Restaurant Hopping: Guide For The Adventurous Foodie

    Restaurant hopping is a fun and exciting way to explore new cuisines and experience different dining atmospheres. Whether you’re a foodie looking for your next adventure or you enjoy trying new things, restaurant hopping can be a great way to break your routine and discover new flavors and culinary experiences. What is Restaurant Hopping? Restaurant hopping, also known as restaurant crawling, is visiting multiple restaurants in a single day or evening, usually in the same general area. The goal is to sample different dishes or cuisines at each restaurant, often by sharing small plates or appetizers. Restaurant hopping can be done alone, with friends or family, or as part of…

  • zona cafe in abuja
    Restaurant review


    Zona cafe Abuja recently renovated its space from what used to be an all-pink flowery space to a very artistic pleasing place and I love the change! I and Rukky a fellow Abuja restaurant blogger stopped by for lunch and we only had good things to say, you’d think we were sponsored – this isn’t the case btw. Walking into Zona cafe Abuja, we were greeted by the coolness of the air conditioner as it was a very sunny day, and an ever-smiling waitress who was quite knowledgeable of the space, menu, and ready to serve. Also read: ZODARA BAR | Cocktails Meet Continental Contemporary Cuisine Food At Zona Cafe…

  • Zodara Cocktail Bar in Abuja
    Restaurant review

    ZODARA BAR | Cocktails Meet Continental Contemporary Cuisine

    Zodara, known as a cocktail bar in Abuja, re-branded in November 2021 and it’s not just a cocktail bar but a full-blown bar that also serves continental complimentary cuisine in Abuja. You are greeted by a welcoming and charming ambiance when you walk into Zodara bar, not forgetting the friendly staff ever ready to serve you. This is one cool spot in the capital everyone stops by to unwind after a long day. And if you’re yet to stop by, this is your cue to do so! On Sunday, I got to try out some varieties of mouth-watering dishes and it was a delightful experience. Zodara’s re-branding from a cocktail…

  • Restaurant guide

    RESTAURANT HOPPING | 5 Fun Ways To Dine In At least 3 Restaurants In One Day

    On weekends, friends hop from club to club or from bar to bar before the night is over, I have friends who say “you have to do at least 5 clubs on Friday night to kickstart the weekend”.  Now imagine doing that, but with restaurants. Sounds fun right? What is restaurant hopping? – it’s simply people going to a different restaurant for each course. That is you have starters at one restaurant, then move to another restaurant for the main dish and finally another restaurant for dessert! Also read: TABLE MANNERS AND DINING ETIQUETTE – For Dining In A Restaurant Or Social Gathering 5 Fun Ways To Dine In At…

  • Restaurant guide

    TABLE MANNERS AND DINING ETIQUETTE – For Dining In A Restaurant Or Social Gathering

    Table manners and dining etiquette is important especially when dining with others. While dining out has become more informal, it doesn’t give room to display improper etiquette on the table. It is still unacceptable to talk with food in your mouth, rock the table with your elbows or cross your hand over to reach for the salt.  It is important to know some table manners and dining etiquette as they’re important in both formal and informal gatherings.  Table Manners And Dining Etiquette In no particular order, below are some table manners and dining etiquette to observe when dining: Place your napkin on your laps immediately you sit down.  Do not…

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