The Young God Podcast | 7 Episodes To Get You Thinking

Roses are red, violets are blue, here are 7 thought-provoking stories for you!

The Young God Podcast is one of those podcasts you start listening to and suddenly get addicted to each episode with a struggle to pick a favorite. This multi-award-winning podcast is run by Rodney Omeokachie a young man in his element who share life stories just the way he sees them.

Here are 7 thought-provoking episodes on The Young God Podcast from recent and past seasons that will have you in deep thought.

Mean Girls Don’t Deserve Orgasms:

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“How do we close the orgasm gap?” – Oloni asked.

A very vocal group of women believe that their unremarkable sexual experiences and lack of orgasms are because…MEN. Rodney begs to differ. A monologue on sexual intelligence and the nuances of the elusive orgasm.

According to Rodney, to pleasure a woman you must solve for x,y, and z lol! This statement was so hilarious, I literally fell off the couch laughing and I kid you not, there’s more where this came from! Listen to the episode here!

Field of Broken Boys In The Young God Podcast:

“Who tells you [as a man] that you can come back from all the work of 9-5… and not make any progress, and you still have to find a way to rise up psychologically and emotionally to be there for your wife because she needs you?”

In this episode, Rodney had a guest with him. They discussed how men handle bachelorhood, fatherhood, marriage, and sex not leaving out how men have been let down and left to their own devices. Listen to this episode here!

No (Wo)man, No Cry: The Myth of Male Tears:

“What is it about male tears that have women so fascinated?”

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Women want men to know it’s OK to cry. Most men know this.

In this episode, we find out why men hide their emotions, especially from women. Do you think tough men are problematic? Do you think it’s okay for men to cry? Listen to this episode to find out Rodney’s take!

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Bee That Drowned In Honey:

“Are you a bee or a wasp? Are you drowning in your honey or society’s sauce?”

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This a thoughtful monologue about how focusing on your strengths and the things you’re passionate about is the secret to more fulfilling relationships and dope situations.

In this episode, we discover how having a strong voice can help us become the best versions of ourselves, choose to have difficult conversations or let go. Listen to this episode here!

Don’t Leave Your Comfort Zone, Expand It:

”You can be great or you can be safe. Nothing wrong with either one. But you can’t be both at the same time.” -Jas Waters.

Rodney makes the point that being the best version of yourself depends on how large your comfort zone is while using the garden of Eden and the serpent to share some thought-provoking stories. Listen to this episode here!

Abortion Conversation In The Young God Podcast:

“I’m neither pro-life nor pro-choice. I’m pro-common sense.” – Rodney.

I listened to this episode with an open mind because when it comes to choice and people doing what they do, I always ask myself one question “what will you do if this was you”. This episode is a conversation about sexual responsibility and the possible pros and cons of anti-abortion laws. Listen here!

Bread Over Bed: Don’t Sleep On Yourself:

“While we’re fans of sleep, we are fans of something far more powerful, as well… While others enjoy their dreams, we wake and watch them come true.”

This is an episode that talks about sleep, work, and happiness. Is it possible that we glorify sleep a little too much? Listen to this episode here to find out Rodney’s line of thought!

Now, every good thing must come to an end, or not! If you want to continue on the ride, listen to more episodes on the podcast here.

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Are you into podcasts? Share some of your favorites in the comment section and I’ll check them out!


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