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If you’re thinking Nigerian dishes in Abuja then you should be thinking about Today’s Bukka. 

As I stepped into Today’s Bukka Abuja, I fell in love with the interior decor. The wooden chairs and tables and make-believe trees gave the restaurant a modern-local vibe. The artworks hanging on select areas of the restaurant were all woven and beautiful. Also, each table had different types of games on them – if you grew up in the typical Nigerian home, then some of the games will be familiar to you. 

They paid attention to the details of their space which blends with the kind of food they make -Nigerian dishes.

The menu at Today’s Bukka Abuja offers a variety of Nigerian dishes from ofada rice and sauce, to ewa agoyin and sauce, to miyan taushe, nkwobi, isiewu, ewedu and gbegiri, Dan wake, fisherman soup, afang, just to name a few. 


I was invited to Today’s Bukka and I had an amazing time there. I got to learn there are 3 different types of ofada sauce. Did you know that?

As always, I was with a friend and we got to try their ofada rice and sauce, and the banga soup with Semo, washed our meals down with zobo.

Ofada Rice And Sauce

This was a nice way to get introduced to eating ofada rice with its sauce as it was my first time. I enjoyed every bite of this dish and will be having more of it. The sauce had bits of different protein in it, was well seasoned, and even came with a boiled egg. I love that the rice was served in a leaf, gave it a bang. 

Banga Soup With Semo

This banga soup looked and tasted delicious. The smoked fish in it gave it an extra boost in flavor and that sealed the deal for me. I highly recommend it. 

Zobo Juice 

The zobo juice was quite refreshing as it was a hot day. The only downside for me was the ginger taste -was too much for me. Asides from that, the drink was okay.

Service – Amazing

The service at Today’s Bukka was amazing. The waiters were polite and had knowledge of the menu which helped. 

Ambiance – Beautiful 

Today’s Bukka is a beautiful space and I loved the “local” vibe. 

Ps: there’s a button on each table which makes signaling a waiter pretty easy.

Where it is located

Ultimate Mall, Ademola Adetokunbo Crescent, Wuse Abuja. 



Have you been to Today’s Bukka Abuja? Will you be visiting?  If you have, what was your experience? Have you tried anything off their menu? Share in the comment section ❤️. 



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