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Penne Alfredo at Tribe Afrik restaurant
Penne Alfredo

Tribe Afrik restaurant is a mix of both intercontinental and Nigerian local dishes. While you have the options of Singapore fried rice, Penne Alfredo, Chicken dumplings, Fattoush salad, etc. There are also options of Amala and Ewedu, Fufu, Ogbono soup, Ofada, Moi-Moi, Ewa Goyin, etc. The restaurant has different sections, where you get served the intercontinental dishes is different from where the Nigerian local dishes are served.

I got invited to the food tasting hosted by a fellow foodie Vallerieeats, and we got treated to a 4-course meal. We started with the Tribe Afrik’s special wings, then proceeded to taste the Penne Alfredo, the oriental rice with sweet and sour chicken and prawns, then ended with the club sandwich. – we were served different mocktails of our choosing. I went with the Island kiss. 

Tribe Afrik’s Special Wings

Tribe Afrik’s special wings

The wings were perfect in their tiny little form. Properly spiced and juicy too. I enjoyed the burst of flavors that hits the tongue once one bites into it. The only suggestion I had with regards to the wings was to place them on lettuce instead of chopped cabbages when serving the special wings. 

This dish scored 16/20 on my scoreboard. 

Penne Alfredo 

The penne alfredo was served after the special wings. Made with garlic, onions, chicken, cheese, mushroom, white sauce – this dish had more garlic than any other seasoning. I loved the texture of this dish, and I loved it didn’t have the ”milky” taste like most alfredo’s some restaurants serve. The cheese was the right amount for me, unfortunately, the chicken was quite bland. A little more seasoning and it would have come out okay. – hopefully, our suggestions and recommendations will be looked into. 

This dish scored 14/20 on my scoreboard. 

Oriental Rice With Sweet And Sour Chicken And Prawns

Oriental rice at tribe afrik
Oriental Rice

Because I love cinnamon, the rice dish won my heart and taste bud. 

The sweet and sour chicken and prawns? Not so much, as it was more of sweet than sour. But I loved the addition of pineapple to the dish. If you love sweet food, then you’d love this one but if you’re like me that loves to have a balance of both sweet and sour then you may or may not totally like it. 

The rice dish scored 16/20 on my scoreboard while the sweet and sour chicken and prawns scored 13/20 on my scoreboard. 

Club Sandwich 

Club sandwich at Tribe Afrik
Club Sandwich

Hands down everyone’s favorite. This sandwich was made with perfection, from the texture to the taste, to the appearance. Loved it but I would have preferred mine a little more crispy. 

The club sandwich scored 19/20 on my scoreboard.

I wouldn’t be reviewing the mocktail I had, but I enjoyed it. 

Long Island kiss at Tribe Afrik Abuja
Long Island Kiss

The long island kiss was made with sugarcane juice, orange juice, Orgeat, and ginger beer. One thing that stood out for me was the taste of the fresh orange juice used in this drink. 

I had a splendid time trying out the different dishes off Tribe Afrik’s menu, the presentation and service were amazing and it’s one place I’d be going back to. 

Have you been to Tribe Afrik restaurant Abuja? What did you order and how was your experience? Please share in the comment section. 

Where it is located || 

16 Cassandra Street Maitama Abuja, Nigeria

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