Tips for overcoming body insecurities

Body insecurity is something even the best of us “suffer” from at different points in our lives. From insecurity over our thighs, arm, face, boobs, ass, tummy, weight, height, etc. it’s a long list to make. 

Personally, I’ve also “suffered” from body insecurities even though I know tips for overcoming them I still have days I struggle with it. I’m overly conscious of my arm; there was a time in my life I’d rather wear baggy long sleeve tops than wear a single sleeveless dress. I mastered the art of picture angles that have no way of showing my arms. These days, I wear whatever I want! Long sleeve or short sleeve and I rock it with everything in me. 

Once upon a time I wore clothes that hid my curves because I felt my tummy wasn’t flat enough….. The list goes on and on. We all have good days and bad days on how we see ourselves, in this post I’d be helping us see ourselves in more positive ways. 

In no particular order, here are tips on overcoming body insecurities:

Practice Positive Self Talks:

We are our biggest critic. Because we’re all looking for some sort of perfection in ourselves, we forget to see our imperfections make us unique from the next person. I’ve learnt to speak positive affirmations to myself when I begin having comparisons or doubts about myself. You can read most of the affirmations here. 

Learn To Accept Compliments:

When last did you receive a compliment and you said “thank you”? 

When we get compliments on things we tend to fight it off. For example, when someone tells us they love how we look in a certain dress we subconsciously say “but my tummy didn’t let me do justice to this dress o”. Instead of saying thank you, we subconsciously find a fault or two. 

Figure A Way To Handle Your “Flaw”:

The moment you learn how to handle what you think is a flaw, you’re one step better than you were the previous day. I’d use myself as an example; I am slightly K-legged (you have to pay attention when I stand to notice this) and it made me so uncomfortable and conscious. I figured out that standing tall and cross legged made it disappear sort of. What did I start doing? I started standing tall and cross legged! I even went further to add it to the way I walk. I always cat walk! Most people think it’s for “effizy” but I’m reality it’s to hide the k-leg. These days people don’t even know I have K-leg until I mention it. If your insecurity is in your boobs, find fitting bras in your size and wear outfits that’ll compliment them! Don’t hide them in oversized clothes. 

How to overcome body insecurities

Be Vulnerable:

We’ve all been brainwashed with perfection that we now judge people who show themselves in their truest forms. To be totally vulnerable, we have to know and accept our flaws and carry it with so much pride and dignity because you never know who you might be inspiring. Vulnerability isn’t weakness but strength!

Treat Your Body Right:

Most of us treat our bodies like garbage. Until we understand the way we treat our body affects our mental state, we won’t do better. Focus on staying healthy, the body isn’t a dump yard so stop loading empty calories into it. Our looks affects us in many ways we aren’t even aware of. 

Be Patient:

In gaining body positivity, loving ourself, working on our confidence, etc. we all need to be patient. For example, an overweight person didn’t gain all the weight in a day so losing weight won’t happen in a day either. 

Being self aware and making conscious efforts plays a major role in overcoming body insecurities. I believe taking it one day at a time will help eventually. 

What are you most insecure about? What ways have you tried in overcoming your body insecurities? Please share in the comment section, you never know who’s reading!