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Zona cafe Abuja recently renovated its space from what used to be an all-pink flowery space to a very artistic pleasing place and I love the change!

I and Rukky a fellow Abuja restaurant blogger stopped by for lunch and we only had good things to say, you’d think we were sponsored – this isn’t the case btw.

Walking into Zona cafe Abuja, we were greeted by the coolness of the air conditioner as it was a very sunny day, and an ever-smiling waitress who was quite knowledgeable of the space, menu, and ready to serve.

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Food At Zona Cafe Abuja

The menu didn’t have much on it, but we concluded that it might be so they serve quality food to their customers.

We had the spaghetti bolognese, the Zona highway man burger and for drinks, we had the pink lady and virgin daiquiri.

Zona Highway Man Burger:

This burger was everything! Hands down a 9/10 (saving the extra one mark cause I didn’t want the burger to finish and it did). They made their bun themselves and it was toasted before layering, the patty was tender and delicious too. The burger also had eggs amongst other fillings. I highly recommend everyone try this out cause I had no complaints about it.

Spaghetti Bolognese:

spaghetti bolognese at zona cafe abuja

Cooked to perfection and not dried out sat the plate of spaghetti with its well-prepared bolognese sauce. I felt the sauce needed a tad bit more spice but that was just me, it tasted delicious regardless.

Our drinks were okay and we had no complaints too. You get your money’s worth at Zona cafe.


With different forms of art and a double swing at one corner of the space, well arrange wall mirrors on one corner, this space was beautifully put together. It’s a small space, but beautiful regardless.


The service here was top-notch.

Have you been to Zona cafe Abuja? What do you think of the space and food? Do share in the comment section!




Kumasi Crescent, Wuse 904101, Abuja (Accurate on Google Map)


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