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Filipino food, Pata Tim
It may not look like your average 5 star restaurant, but Manila 101 and the Filipino food it offers is worth your 5 star ranking!
As Jenny is a dear friend, whenever I find myself in the neighborhood I always stop by for a plate of whatever she has on the menu. I wandered in on a Friday evening for a beer tasting (which I’d review in another post), and decided I’d be needing a warm meal to go with the beer and was immediately greeted by the ever friendly Jenny and incredible aroma of whatever was cooking up. The restaurant wasn’t it’s normal filled up space because of the current world pandemic but social distancing was still observed. 
As I’ve had a few things off Manila’s menu, you can read about them here and here (you’d notice I always had a cup of beer beside each meal lol) I decided to go for something different. I ordered the Pata Tim. 
It is a popular pork leg Filipino dish which is very similar to the paksiw na pata but this dish has no vinegar. This dish is basically cooked pork leg with a blend of soy sauce and spices like garlic, star anise, etc. I had it with a side of rice. 
Pata Tim

Filipino food 

Pata Tim
The pork was so tender and large in chunks too, I had no stress biting into each piece. The Nigerian saying “the food was sweet” best describes this dish. I think some brown sugar was added to the soy sauce used. It wasn’t sweet in a bad way, the good kind of sweet. 
And of course, you have your chili sauce beside just in case you like your food extra spicy. 
The spicing used in this Pata Tim dish was well proportioned and I’d definitely be recommending this dish. 
I’d definitely be trying out the sweet and spicy pork when next I’m there. Have you been to Manila 101? What’s your favorite dish on their menu? Which other Filipino dish have you tried out?
PS|| This place is perfect for groups or a casual date night.
Damage || N3,500
Where it is located || 
Behind Johnny Rockets in Discovery mall wuse 2 Abuja.
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