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     We all know finding a great series to binge watch on Netflix is quite the task. As most of what they put up as classics tend to be quite disappointing at the end. This list is made up of different varieties so I guarantee you’d find something captivating you’re yet to watch. If nothing captures your imagination on this list, try the list of 5 Netflix movies worth the binge here.  This post is a day late, and I sincerely apologize for that. I’ve been under the weather and could barely bring myself to get off my bed. Bear in mind, I’m making this post still in bed (arrrggghhhh)! Let’s…

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    Extraction || 2020 Extraction premiered on Netflix on April 24th and I and my sister jumped on the bandwagon of other night crawlers to watch this movie. This also came with the peer pressure from the hype and buzz the movie was getting from Twitter, so as expected two young ladies in this quarantine/lockdown period covered up and joined Chris Hemsworth (Tyler) in the rescue of Ovi.  Extraction is based on a graphic novel “Ciudad” written by Joe Russo (in the novel it was a female character Eva Roche that was rescued by Tyler). Chris Hemsworth doesn’t have his mighty superhero hammer to swing in the air this time, in…

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    Looking for an interesting movie to watch on Netflix should be listed as an extreme sport these days. While we are all at home due to the global pandemic (I hope we are all staying safe and responsible) a little more Netflix and chilling won’t hurt anyone. So in this blog post, I’ve made a list of 5 Netflix movies worth the binge and your time! Grab your popcorn, wear that oversized shirt or whatever makes you comfy, slide under the duvet and get ready to have the time of your lives! SECRET OBSESSION|| 2019 Be careful what you remember after an accident… When Jennifer wakes up with amnesia after…

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