After my review of Manila 101 restaurant, you can read it here   I got contacted to come back and have anything I wanted bills on the house! I was super excited, but I had so much I was doing at the time so I couldn’t go till a few weeks later. My return to Manila was totally different, this time around I was treated like royalty. 

It was a beautiful Saturday evening, if you always read my reviews you’ll know all my food adventures happen on Saturdays. So, it was a beautiful evening; I called to let them know I was coming. I booked/ordered my taxify ride and I and Owo (we all know by now she’s my fellow foodie lol) rode off to the wonderland of Filipino food!

When we got there, Jenny was sitting outside as if waiting for us. She welcomed us with hugs and thanks for the previous review. We got talking, talked about a lot of things while she helped us through the menu. I finally settled for the Ginataang Manok while Owo settled for  the Tosilog. We got free Bature beer 🍺. 

Ps || Everything we had was on the house. That’s to say we didn’t pay for the meal. 

Tosilog || N3,500 

The Tosilog is made of Tocino (sweet fried pork) and fried egg. I had a taste of it, it was totally amazing. The pork wasn’t dried out. This time around, the jelly sauce was more (if you read my other review, you’ll see I complained of how little the sauce was). I’m glad they paid attention.

Ginataang Manok || N3,300 
The Ginataang Manok is a Filipino stewed chicken flavored with ginger and coconut milk! This meal was totally juicy and the taste of fresh coconut milk in every bite of chicken went straight to my soul and spoke to my being 😩. I just wanted the food to not finish! My favorite part of the meal was the jelly sauce, apparently the Filipinos have an inside joke for “jelly sauce” and the chef was kind enough to share with us while we had our meal. Want to know the joke? Then make a quick stop at Manila 101. 

The lovely Jenny of Manila 101 Abuja. 

Where it is located || 
Behind Johnny Rockets in Discovery mall wuse 2 Abuja.

Instagram ||

Have you had any Filipino food? Have you been to Manila 101 restaurant Abuja? What’s your favorite thing about them?


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