It all started from an instagram post to one of the most magical nights of my food adventures! There was every kind of food you can imagine and ones you can’t even begin to imagine their existence. Miso Japanese and Thai restaurant Abuja launched their Sri Lanka menu on the 4th of October and I was honored to be among the selected few that got to taste the lovely dishes before they introduced it to the public. 

This veggie soup was “curryish” and for some strange reasons, it sat pretty well in my belly. What’s a bowl of soup without bread?!

This post is going to be a pictorial post, so sit back, relax and feed your eyes. 

This sugar filled devils made me rethink my life choices for a minute ?. So sugary I couldn’t bring myself to stop even though I knew better.

This was one of my favorite things about that night. Fried pineapples in vanilla ice cream! I mean how did they even think of this! I enjoyed how the fried pineapples totally changed the taste of the vanilla ice cream, it gave it an extra boost.

As usual, I came looking peng ?.

I can’t remember the name of this platter, but it was prawns rolled in thin flour mix and fried till it was totally crispy.

By my 3rd glass of red wine, everything became funny to me. I was laughing in my head and in reality I think ??‍♀️.

Almost everything on the new menu was more sweet than spicy. At a point, I started to fear for my sugar level. I really enjoyed my night, I met amazing people and I’ll definitely be going back to Miso Japanese and Thai Restaurant. 
Where it’s located || 
Rooftop, Summerset Continental Hotel, No. 34 Usuma Street, Maitama Abuja. 
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Have you been to Miso Japanese and Thai Restaurant? What was your experience like?