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You know how lazy Sunday’s can be right? This particular Sunday was no exception. I was laying in bed going through Instagram trying to learn a thing or two from my fave content creators when I got the call; “Dress up we’re taking you to dinner” and just like that, the very long ass lazy Sunday switched up for the best.

Pow restaurant is an Asian cuisine restaurant. I like the way the played with the names of foods on their menu, my favorite part of the menu was definitely the noodles section and the mocktails section. The names sounded so classy lol I didn’t even know what to order.
I’m always the last to place an order in a gathering because I always want to know the content of everything on the menu. Same way I’m always the last to finish eating because I take in every bite of the food like it’s my last, and also cos I try to figure out what spices was used in the dish.

After struggling to make a decision, I finally asked for the help of the lady who waited on our table, she suggested the Yaki Udon off the noodles section and Thai mango Lassi off the mocktails section. And it was a perfect combination.

For the sake of this review, I’ll stick to what I ate as I didn’t taste everyone’s food.

Yaki Udon || N2,800
Thai Mango Lassi || N2,500
Yaki Udon ||
Is a Japanese stir fried noodles with a special sauce, meat and vegetables. I had mine with beef. The serving was quite generous cos I literally forced myself to finish my food. The spicing and presentation was okay too but I’d have loved more pepper and I’d have loved to see more of my beef chunks too. I could taste it, but it wasn’t visible.

Thai Mango Lassi ||
It was made with yogurt, Mango and lemon juice. This mocktail was quite thick, I figured it was cos of the mango and yogurt mix. I kept stirring it with my straw till it wasn’t so thick before I could drink it. It was actually so tasty and I could get the taste of the fresh mango. It’s a must have I promise! And for the price of N2,500 it’s totally filling!

Everyone enjoyed their meal, the service was top notch and the timing was perfect too. The place was serene, but I feel they should add some flower pots to give the place a little pop just as the entrance.

Score ||
Where it is located ||
5 Bangui street off Ademola Adetokunbo Crescent, wuse 2 Abuja, Nigeria.
Instagram ||
Have you been to Pow restaurant or any Asian restaurant? What was your experience like? Let’s discuss in the comment section.


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