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From early last year when I started transitioning to all natural, from my hair to the products I use etc. I literally used shear butter, coconut oil, and eventually started using the Dudu Osun black soap mid June 2016. My sister was using the soap, and I joined her when I traveled to Abuja. The first night I used the soap, I thought my body was dirty, lol cause of the black lather the soap formed. One thing I really enjoyed in using the Dudu osun soap is the way it lathers! Even a tiny amount can fill the whole bathroom with lather. 

From my personal experience, this is my review about this tropical all natural black soap:
* Gives the skin a smooth silky feel.
* Lathers well.
* Has a nice fragrance. (I actually love the fragrance, though it doesn’t last long). 
* Evens spots on the skin.
* It’s quite cheap, you can get the 150g bar for less than 200 naira. I got mine for 180 naira. 
* Made my skin so dry ( I already have a dry skin, but my sister with her oily skin had no issues at all). 
One of the many reasons I love this soap is cause the ingredients are from natural products. And even if it dried out my skin, my moisturizer does a great work to my skin ( will do a review for my moisturizer soon). 

Have you used Dudu Osun or any black soap? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.


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